Thursday, August 03, 2006


Crazy Train (of thought)

As the wife and kids ate pizza last night, I munched on an organic salad. I felt guilty though out the meal. I think it was pizza lust.

Remember when a receipt was just a receipt? Now they are novels or a strip of wall paper, over six feet long and loaded with data you don’t need to balance a checkbook and babble about surveys and gift cards. Just give me the total, please!

Linley has asked that we call her Thang. I suppose as in Wild Thang, but I guess she knows the Wild part of that name is sort of obvious.

On David’s last night visiting, after we consumed copious amounts of Calico Eggs, we listened to music from way back. It cracks me up to hear Meagan sing lyrics to songs I used to dance or try to make out to, back when I was skinny as a rail and had hair down to my shoulders. Her favorite – The Bee Gees. You should hear her sing all the parts to Nights on Broadway.

Jill did it again. Princess has a new dress, a red kimono. It is kinda cute, but don’t tell her I said so.

Marital Bliss

Today is Jill’s official day back to work, when she needs to leave by 7:30 and won’t be home until 10 hours later, when her days in the classroom are mandatory, not like the few in the last week when she could come and go when she wished. I guess our summer vacation is over – no more (well, not for the next 10 months anyway) long weekend road trips, naps cuddled on the sofa in the middle of the afternoon, lunch together in the new cafe find of the week, reading the paper together with coffee on the front porch, followed by morning walks through the neighborhood, and other such romantic stuff that keeps us glued to one another. I think I’m going into a state of depression as I begin my struggle with withdrawal.


And during the Greatest Hits of Ambrosia CD, Meagan and I danced in the kitchen. Sometimes slow dances, sometimes disco dance steps, but there we were, slinging each other across the hardwood floor barely missing running into counter tops and knocking over vases of roses. Linley, sore from a day of jumps and tumbles at cheerleader camp, limped into the kitchen on a pair of crutches that she favors for some odd reason. She watched Meagan and I in horror, leaned her crutches against the wall, and ran back up stairs. A miracle cure!

Book Report

As I take photographs for my next book I go through my Rolodex of former models to see who I want to call and ask to pose for me again. Most are willing to help me, having enjoyed seeing themselves in print in an earlier book. Last night I took photos of a couple I met and photographed over three years ago. It was fun catching up with them and seeing how their little girls adopted from China have grown. When I walked into the house I spied the book they originally posed for, “Why I Chose You,” sitting on the coffee table, and the print of the photo featured in the book hanging in a place of honor on a wall with their other family photographs. I get such a kick out of being a part of a family’s life story. I have been blessed in many ways as a result of my books, and not the least of which includes making all these great new friends.

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