Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hump Day Again

Crazy Train (of thought)

Badonkadonk, badonkadonk! I haven’t said that is a while. Now I feel much better.

Today is the first day I take Linley to school this season, which also means it is the first day I have to harden my nerves to the sounds of her favorite bands, ensembles like Searching For Meaninglessness, Kicking Grandiosity and Purple Ambition. Earplugs, please!

No one is perfect; it’s just that some are so much less perfect than others.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, which means when driving in Atlanta, go at least 85 MPH on the highways or get off the road.

I get to see the mock-up of my new website today, one that is professionally built and features more photography and other info about my budding entertainment enterprise. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I have returned to our school season wake-up routine. I don’t mean the one where I get up first and make the coffee, start breakfast, take out the dog, etc. I mean the good one, the one where I get to put my arm around her and pull her into spoon position, when I get to squeeze her close to me, bury my nose in her hair, kiss her shoulder and then wait nine minutes for the snooze to go off. It is the part of the morning that means the most to me; it is the moment I carry in my mind all day as I wait for her to come home. Well, that and the image of her in the shower.


You can tell when the girls are in the house just by looking in the pantry. I always shop differently for them; kid food in the house! I’ve got to remember my age and leave that stuff alone.

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