Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is it a felony?

Crazy Train (of thought)

Sometimes the evidence is abundant that you are dealing with an idiot, or worse, someone who thinks you are an idiot. Especially when they don’t realize you are on to them.

I recently discovered the bookstore at the University of Georgia carries a few of my books. Now that’s how to treat an alum!

Should I be worried that the girls are always quizzing me on the terms of their trust fund?

We had sushi last night at my favorite sushi bar. I like it for so many reasons, but mostly because we have befriended the couple who own it. They give me a language lesson in Japanese and Korean with each visit. Last night I learned how to say “Cheers” and “I love you.” When Suk asked if I wanted to tell Jill I love her in Korean, I said no, I wanted to tell Jounj I loved him for making such wonderful bowls of chirashi.

Marital Bliss

I got busted in a lie. I’ve always told Jill I would never lie to her unless it related to birthday and Christmas surprises. While she was at the overnight teachers retreat I was supposed to feed Princesses her moist food treat. When the wife asked if I did, of course I said yes because I feared for my life otherwise. I did plan to feed the mutt as soon as Jill and I ended our conversation that evening. But alas, I forgot, and the next day when Jill came home the first thing she did was check the dog food can in the fridge. Apparently she had marked it, much like a suspicious parent would mark a liquor bottle. She loves that dog.


Last night Linley came into our bedroom to show us the cheers she learned at her first day of cheerleader camp. One had a bit of a weak ending and she wondered how to improve it. I suggested shouting “Greg Lang rocks!” The phrase got stuck in her head. I hope she doesn’t get in trouble at camp today doing that routine.

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