Monday, August 14, 2006

Pink plaid puppies

Crazy Train (of thought)

It’s hard to believe we have a 7th and 11th grader in our house beginning today.

Well, it has happened again – everyone was dancing on the kitchen counter at Laura’s house before the weekend was over. We even literally rolled up the rug for dancing. Why my kids think I’m a dork, I don’t know.

I drove to Jill’s school on Friday to get a look at her classroom before it is overrun with students. She met me on the curb and as I reached out to hug her, she pulled back a little, explaining displays of affection of any kind are prohibited on campus. Later, after we had gone to lunch, I drove back onto campus to drop her off. She gave me a kiss as she was getting out of the car. “I thought that was against the rules,” I said. “I’m a rule breaker, baby!” she answered just before kissing me again.

Last night I was flipping through the channels trying to find something entertaining to watch as we were going to bed. I couldn’t decide between The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and Fox News. I asked Jill what she wanted to see, and she asked me to check out Animal Planet (I should have known) and Fear Factor. Sometimes it’s a mystery to me how we get along so beautifully.

She finally settled on some show called Intervention where family members try to get their substance abusing member into rehab. Can you guess what’s coming? She looked at me and said, “If you ever need an intervention, I’ll have Princess there to help support you.” Honey, that dog is going to be the very reason I’m driven to drink.

Marital Bliss

So while at Laura’s party Jill and I spent lots of time together meeting new friends, eating the good stuff Laura always has out, even danced a little. We also spent time apart in separate conversations and antics; each having fun on different sides of the house. We are that strong – rock solid as a couple, so solid we can also be solid individuals. It’s because first we respect each other, and second, we know and honor the boundaries. That’s the difference between us and those who must keep a constant eye on each other. Even when I am apart from and unseen by my wife, I am still her devoted husband. How’s your relationship?


Meagan and I went shopping for school supplies the other day. It nearly drove me crazy because she didn’t have a list but instead wanted to wonder every isle to see what she might need. It took hours to decide between the solid pink staples and pastel plaid binders, the mechanical pencils of different colors and spring resistance on the clicker, the notepads with puppies or flowers on the cover, etc. When we finally finished, she was hungry (and I needed a nap or a drink) so we went across the parking lot to le Madeline’s, a place where we used to dine frequently when we lived on that side of town. As we walked from the car to the door she took my hand and held it like she used to back then; she even skipped a little across the parking lot. Suddenly being tormented over puppies, pink and plaid seemed so worthwhile to get to this moment. I tried to steer her around the parking lot to make it last longer. I think she caught on, but she let me anyway. I love my kid.

Book Report

I’m now working on book #17. It’s about couples and needing more models, I am contacting people I’ve met while working on other books. It is fun seeing some of these people, sometimes a year or two later. Their children are older or they have new ones and some on the way. I am blessed; I have a vast network of people in my life that I meet solely through the books, and if not for the books, I’m sure I would have never crossed paths with all or certainly most of these people. My reasons for giving thanks grows every day.

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