Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Post # 125!

Crazy Train (of thought)

My new neighbor told us he knew he had found the woman for him when his future wife told him that it hacks her off when someone stands in front of the TV while a game is on.

If you can’t count well enough to see that you have more than 10 items in your cart, should you be driving a car and using a debit card?

When visiting a friend I looked over at their dining room rug and found a big dog turd. It made me feel right at home.

Some wonder why I have so little affection for Princess. Let me tell you a story. I once dated a woman who went into maxed-out credit card debt to pay for not one, but three, emergency surgeries to remove a thong from her dog’s stomach (I told her to just stop wearing underwear, but that’s another story). Princess doesn’t have half the brain that dog did, and Jill and that old girlfriend share the same “whatever it costs” philosophy regarding vet bills. You’d be scared, too, wouldn’t you?

When Princess sneezes Jill and Linley call it a “love blow.” I call it snot.

Marital Bliss

Jill asked me if I planned on leaving love notes in her lunch again this year. I teased and said no because she never mentioned finding them; I though she threw them away with the napkins. She got up from the table, rummaged through her kitchen drawer and came back with a stack of my letters to her. “I save every one of them,” she said. “They mean the world to me.” Yes, my love, I’ll write letters for you again this year. In fact, I’ve already written one for you to find in your lunch tomorrow.


Linley and I were listening to “Smoke On the Water” on the way to school this morning, the first song I learned to play on the guitar over 30 years ago. Then we sang “Wasted Away in Margaritaville.” Just when you were beginning to think I’m raising this child like a heathen, I throw you a curve ball. We ended our morning together talking about church and getting closer to God. Our conversation about her desire to help friends find Jesus reminded me of my own desire to touch people in positive ways, including helping them think of their faith. To that end…

Book Report

…this is the Acknowledgment of a book I just completed called “Thank You”:

“A book about giving thanks to parents would not be complete with also giving thanks to my Heavenly Father. As I confessed in my introduction, I sometimes succumb to human nature and think to myself it was my research, talent and perseverance that resulted in my success as an author. The truth is, however, years ago I was lost and in despair, and I had not an ounce of experience in creative writing. One evening in a prayer I asked for help and then did my best to go forward with hope. Soon certain events began to transpire - like a friend telling me of a successful little book that eventually inspired me to write; my introduction to Janet Lankford-Moran, the photographer who helped me complete my first book; meeting Ron Pitkin, my publisher, who coincidentally but not known to me until later, was the publisher of the successful little book that got me started in the first place; and then there are all those events in my life that have been the fabric with which my stories about love, faith, forgiveness and duty are woven. And now my book about thanks, the only one that has closed with a testimonial such as this, is in your hands. Coincidence? Serendipity? Chance? I think not. I once was lost, but now I’m found. Thank you God.”

I may have already posted this, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter either. You can never witness too much or give thanks too often.

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