Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who's the boss

Crazy Train (of thought)

A quote I received from a friend recently: "Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending." Wouldn’t be nice if everyone made that their personal motto and mission?

..and in stark contrast to the kumbaya above… why is it the nut who is trying to make a left turn from the far right lane during rush hour always looks like Yoko Ono?

Just when you think Hollywood couldn’t get any nuttier, Tom Cruise gets fired. Perhaps there is hope after all.

I had a couple in the car driving to a location for a shoot when I laughed at the wife and said, “That’s okay, you go ahead and take charge of the situation.” There was a moment of silence as I wondered how that slipped from my mouth, then in a faint near-whisper the husband said, “Welcome to my world.”

I think Princess has finally figured out not to poop on the big expensive rug in the dinning room. The problem is she now uses the bathmat in the guest room. At least Jill can put it in the washing machine.

Marital Bliss

I try to give Jill lots of reasons to come home to me every day – I (albeit begrudgingly) take care of the dog she loves so much, keep flowers in a vase in the kitchen, put love notes in her lunch box, have chilled champagne waiting and I cook great meals for her. For instance, last night we had Greg’s Benedict – a crab cake and poached egg on cheesy yellow grits with spicy crawfish garlic aioli. Wait, maybe that was for me…


Meagan doubted my instructions as I told her what she needed to do to get her paycheck via direct-deposit. She ended the conversation with, “If I don’t get my first check, you owe me interest.” That’s my little capitalist!

Book Report

Good news – the stock photo agency has accepted my first submission; a photo I took at the moment a man was giving his girlfriend her engagement ring during lunch at the Ritz. How sweet is that, a new revenue stream for me and they get to be the image of love and commitment in ads all over the world for years to come (or so I hope!).

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Ellie said...

i can't wait for your new book!