Thursday, September 07, 2006

Green Globs

Crazy Train (of thought)

If you were given a nickname descriptive of your character, would you be proud of it?

The Independent Book Publishers Association has a Best-selling Books Hall of Fame, a list of the 425 best-selling books from independent book publishers that have made the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, or USA Today bestsellers lists in the past twenty years. Guess what? Two of mine are on the list! Thank you Ron Pitkin and the staff at Cumberland House for all you do to get my books into readers’ hands.

I’m going to a location for a shoot tonight, so no post tomorrow. Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Marital Bliss (and the things you’ll do, or endure, for your beloved mate)

There is something sweet about me driving Jill to work now and then, as I did this morning. There is something manly about redlining the tachometer of your Porsche on a winding back road with the top down, as I did this morning. There is something in it for your ego when at a stop light you look over and a pretty young thing winks at you, as one did this morning. There is something emasculating when at that moment, Princess pops her head up over the door and sneezes a big green glob onto the side mirror. The temptation to toss her out right then was nearly overwhelming.

Book Report

I received my copies of “Why We Are Friends” yesterday and I love it. It looks just great! I’ve already had some fun handing out copies to my friends that posed for it, and am dropping more in the mail today. Look for it in stores soon; it should be available by the end of the month. Here’s two paragraphs from the introduction:

“Some friends are the kind of people you are happy to spend time with, with whom you exchange pleasantries and share stories and events of your life, but who have a place in your life only along a particular period in time. This period may be long or short, marked by fun and laughter or a common pain and struggle, yet it proved to be the bond on which a friendship grew. These times are important to you, memorable for the special circumstances that emerged and made that person a friend to you. Even though your lives may have taken different paths, this person, this friend, remains a lasting memory in your heart and mind.”

“What makes someone a best friend is, I think, a unique decision for each of us. No two best friends are just like any other two. For some a best friend can only be a same sex companion, but for others a best friend can be of any sex or age. Some would claim a sibling, a spouse or even a parent as a best friend. What is so special about the best friend relationship is that there are no criteria for it; it is simply a matter of personal choice, a choice based on personal matters. In fact there may be nothing in common about best friends, but no matter, because no one you claim as your best friend can be proven otherwise. They are your best friend.”

As Jill is mine.

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