Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Crazy Train (of thought)

Laura is so afraid I’m going to go to the new Whole Foods without her; I had to promise her I wouldn’t cheat on her.

Yahoo – my new website is up! It is just being propagated so every search engine may not find the new one right away, but by the end of the week you should be able to hit it every time. I hope you enjoy it! Just click the link under my photo on the right…

While we were at the beach my in-laws took care of the mutt. In their house she is Queen, indulged in every way. Now that she’s back here she is just moping around dejected and depressed. I’m leaving sharp objects on the floor just in case she gets suicidal.

I had to replace our shredder. I don’t have that many important documents to destroy, but we do get a lot of crap in the mail offering vacation homes and credit cards. I’m voting for the first guy who promises to outlaw junk mail.

Meagan’s computer died and I’m having a new one made for her specific needs. As I told her of its disk space and RAM, processing speed, bundled software and the automated backup and recovery feature, she had only one question for me: “Is it pretty?”

Marital Bliss

When kids are here Jill and I don’t get to see each other as much as we like because of all the running around we do to make sure they get to church, school, football games, friends get taken home, emergency trips to Target for the last minute rush to complete a forgotten school project that is due in seven minutes, etc. So we text and email as we can during the day, steal a few minutes in the garage each morning as she is getting ready to pull away, and make every effort to be in bed by 10 PM so we can claim an hour at the end of each day for a little personal time. It is our magic hour, the time when we compress all our customary sweet talk and affection into just sixty minutes. Without it, I don’t know how I’d sleep. I love my wife – she is my lifeblood.


How much Dad had to kick in at the last minute to help Meagan reach her fundraising goal: $180
How much Dad needs to shell out for the hair coloring Meagan MUST have: $90
Cost of the sushi dinner we had when all this was dumped on me: $60
The statement given to me by our waitress - “You can just look in her eyes and see how much she loves her Daddy,”: Priceless

Book Report

I received this kind email last night:

“I just sent your book ‘Why A Son Needs A Dad’ to my husband who is in Iraq. He and I have two sons, ages 5 and 2, who have been missing their Daddy very much since he was recalled a month ago back into the Marine Corps. The book has really helped my husband to cope with this unexpected situation and it has helped my boys and me to remember that “a son needs a dad who is willing to make sacrifices for his family.” Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.”

There are many situations that move me, none more than situations like this, when someone uses one of my books at a time when heartfelt gestures are needed most. I am proud to have written something that reminds those defending our lives and freedom of the love that awaits them at home.

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