Monday, September 11, 2006

Never too old to party!

Crazy Train (of thought)

Let us not forget what happened five years ago today, or the innocent lives that were lost. Let us not become complacent and leave ourselves vulnerable to something worse.

What do you think of George Washington? He was a great leader, a hero, a warrior, perhaps? Yes to all. And it was he who said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace. Go George W.

Impatience reveals a selfish and mean spirit, while patience is an act of kindness.

I had a book-signing in Hilton Head Island, SC, over the weekend and got a chance to meet some of my groupies. For most of my young adult life I wanted women to throw themselves at me. Little did I know I’d get my wish. I wish now I had thought to specify “young women,” not retired librarians, grandmothers and scrap bookers with an agenda.

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.

I love oven roasting fresh beets but when they’re done and then you peel and cube them, you look like an ax murderer for about three days.

I lay sleeping on the world’s best sheets in the finest bed next to the most beautiful lady Friday morning. The sounds of the surf and fresh, salty morning air filled our room and the light of a new sun passed through the shutters and fell across Jill’s hair, making her look like a redheaded angle asleep on a cloud. I stretched and thought, what a wonderful start to my day; could it get any better than this? And suddenly it did. Someone thought they were turning on the speakers only in their own room, but instead the whole beach house thundered, rattled and rocked to Donna Summer singing the money line of “Last Dance.” That’ll make you wet your britches.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I took a long, long walk on the beach in South Carolina Saturday morning. Holding hands, sometimes not; talking in depth about matters of consequence, sometimes not; planning our day, planning our lives. It just doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always get along so well, are always happy to have one another. It is a charmed life to have this chance to live with such a wonderful partner; I count my blessings and say thanks for her everyday. And I squeeze her booty, too, when I can get away with it.


I saw my sister Sunday. She is helping raise someone else’s children, and I have to give her credit and kudos – she’s doing a great job. Never having a child of her own, you wonder how the parenting talent came to her in her late 30’s. I think it is something that comes natural when there is love in your heart, and my sis, well she’s got a lot of love in her, and it shows.

Book Report

I’ve announced in recent posts my newest book, “Why We Are Friends” is coming out at the end of the month. This weekend I was reminded of why I wrote that book in the first place. Jill and I spent three nights with thirteen good friends in a beach house immersed in fellowship. We wined, dined, served one another, swam, slept in the sun by the pool, roamed the sand dunes, played golf on the beach, raced one another alongside the tide, finished a jig-saw puzzle (did you know if you hammered it real hard, you can get a mystery puzzle piece to fit just about anywhere), danced to YMCA and similar hits, took turns waiting on each other in the kitchen, joked, teased and laughed until we cried, cooked meals for one another, drank mimosas, brought gifts for one another, sang (sometimes badly), pole danced on the kitchen counters, hugged and kissed, told storied about our lives, napped, made major announcements (a baby is coming), shared in the cleaning up and packing, reassured one another, complimented each other, saw each other in our pajamas, bathing suits and with bed hair, poked fun at one another, taught each other a thing or two, didn’t argue once, got closer to one another and generally had a real damn good time. We’ve already begun planning the event for next year. Thank you Laura, Allison, Scott, Samantha, Reggie, Teresa, Skip, Nancy, Lisa, Karen, & Jeremy, for being our friends! Oh, yes, and Tazz and Moxie, you, too.

P.S. Nancy and Skip, please delete those pictures of my tatoo.

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