Friday, September 01, 2006

Potty Mouth

Crazy Train (of thought)

I’ve been sick all week with the worst cold; sorry for not being at my witty best.

Laura had dinner with us last night and we laughed until our diaphragms hurt. That woman is a hoot! She’s particularly good at imitating people. She says I have a woman side and a man side to me. I’m just wondering, which side does she imitate when I’m not looking?

If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.

Love sees through a telescope, not a microscope. It’s the lack of love that makes you pick someone else apart.

You know you love someone when you can have a completely normal conversation with them through a bathroom door.

Marital Bliss

Some have written and asked to see more poetry, so here’s another one I wrote for Jill:

I touched your hand
and you then gave me
a smile that enslaved me.
You pressed your lips to mine,
and I yearned they be pressed together again.
On my heart you laid your hand;
I felt its loving warmth.
On your eyes mine did gaze,
over your heart my hand then strayed,
and this verse I humbly prayed -
Never shall we part,
not hand from hand,
nor heart from heart,
for one is both and both are one.
May our love remain forever strong,
this tender love that makes us one.

I love my wife – she is like air to me.


We had a bit of a lecture around the table last night about which hip-hop songs Jill and I want the girls to erase from their iPODs. Of course they protested loudly. Linley kept insisting I used to listen to suggestive and corrupt songs when I was a teenager. Her example – Wasting Away in MargaritaVille. Meagan, in her best attempt to support Linley’s position, kept chiming in, “Yeah, and you cuss, too.”

Book Report

I found this post on someone’s blog. He’s such a Dad at heart:

“Missing Father's Day was a bummer, but I got a couple of nice Father's Day gifts that were waiting for me when I got home, including a beautiful book from my mother-in-law called "Why A Daughter Needs A Dad." Maybe I was just tenderized from the long ride home, or whatever, but my guard was down and I read it in one sitting and cried and cried. This week, I'm going to spend some high-quality daddy time with Harmony, and hopefully the weather will be nice so we can go to the park and play on the slides and swings. Harmony is my constant reminder why I do all of the driving, striving and working that I do, and she's worth every minute.”

It warms my heart that the little book that started my writing career four years ago is still working wonders in other people’s lives.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Poem. I may have to have it Printed Professionally and framed for a puppy.
Actually- I have not imitated you yet......perhaps you have given me inspiration.