Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Trouble in the bubbles

Crazy Train (of thought)

Jill and I went to the Toby Keith concert the other day. Or was that a Ford truck commercial?

There’s no place darker than a life without insight.

A pint of example is worth a barrelful of advice.

Here’s a hint: If you want not to be glared at while dining at a restaurant, don’t let your kids play hide-n-seek among the other diners’ tables.

Live your life in a manner such that the preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral just to say something nice about you.

As we arrived to church Meagan and I went straight to the restrooms. “You two always do that,” Jill teased as we reached for the door handles. “Is there something about church that makes you two need to pee?” “It’s preventative urination,” Meagan explained. Yeah, that’s it.

Meagan is pestering me to get her oil changed even though she has hardly driven her car 1500 miles since the last change. “The sticker says to change it by 6/6/06,” she explains. “That’s just a marketing ploy,” I said, “ignore it.” “I can’t,” she pushed back; “it’s the mark of the beast.”

Marital Bliss

I’m working on a book about romantic love and it will have lots of photos of couples in various poses suggesting intimacy. I wanted to take one of my and Jill’s feet sticking over the edge of the garden tub. To create the “set” I lit some candles, poured in the bubble bath, put on a jazz CD and opened a bottle of champagne. We got undressed, climbed in and squirmed around to get in the right position. We ended up all close and personal in order to frame the shot like I had envisioned it. It took me nearly an hour to take that darn picture.

Book Report

I got two nice reviews from readers recently:

“My step-daughter gave me your book, Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, for my birthday. I have A LOT of books (hundreds and hundreds!) but this will always be my favorite. It meant a lot to me, and it means a lot to her that it means a lot to me.”

“I first saw you book Why We Are a Family and purchased one for myself. I enjoyed it so much that I showed it to my daughter. She immediately wanted her own copy, so I had to buy one for each of my four children and one for my grandson and his fiancée. However, when I went back to purchase them, the store shelf was bare. It is a beautiful book that echoes the way our family feels about each other and things that we do. I plan to write alongside each picture about our family traditions and put a picture of the family member it brings to mind. I highly recommend the book to families who are close, loving and make sure they know each others' business at all times.”

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