Monday, October 23, 2006

A Christmas Story

Crazy Train (of thought)

Your choices, not your chances, determine your destiny.

In a negative situation, choose to act rather than to react, taking sufficient time to select a course of action based upon calm reason and thoughtful prayer.

Yesterday Jill and I hiked down a gorge to view a waterfall from the base looking up. It was indeed beautiful. The only problem was the 1200 steps we had to climb to get out.

Marital Bliss

Another poem for my wife, my little bit of heaven:

When I think of you…
a smile comes to my face,
a song springs from my mouth,
my heart yearns for your touch,
and my pace quickens to carry me
nearer to you.

When I think of you…
I feel heaven’s own blessing,
I say thanks for your gift,
I become inspired to please you,
and I fall into dreams that lead me
nearer to you.

When I think of you…
your grace overcomes me,
your beauty moves me,
memories of your kisses warm me,
and thoughts of your love
make me want only
to be nearer to you.

When I think of you…
all that I want is to be
is nearer to you.


Although the kids weren’t with us for much of last week, we stayed in touch by phone and text messages. Sometimes in the emails I receive from readers I hear the worst stories about parents after a divorce; the mom or dad that practically forgets about the child or goes on to start a new life that does not includes their child in a significant degree, if at all. This is a phenomenon I don’t understand. Jill and I keep our children in our hearts, minds, and in our plans at all times. I may be fairly accused of a few things I’m not particularly proud of, but one will never be the failure to let the kids know I love them.

Book Report

Another of the fine stories I received recently as I collected true stories in praise of fathers, told by their children:

“On Christmas Eve when I was seven years old, my Dad wanted me to go for a ride with him somewhere. I didn't want to go because I had all these great presents at the house awaiting me for the next day, but because he insisted, I went along for the ride. As we drove he explained to me we were going to a friend’s house to help feed the animals. We lived in Illinois so it was extremely cold that night. My father’s friend was a farmer who had just had a heart attack and couldn't get out to feed his animals. That night in the freezing cold my Dad and I fed the animals for him. On the ride home he looked at me and said, ‘Now, son, that is what Christmas is all about.’ I couldn’t agree more.”

Neither can I.

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