Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Funny, ain't it?

Crazy Train (of thought)

A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience. Its funny how the brain works isn’t it?

Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.

Why can’t I find a housekeeper who will put things back where they were in the first place?

During Jill’s surprise birthday party several of our neighbors were engaged in conversation about their world travels, including one who told of having trouble finding a place to eat in London after 8:00 PM. “Yeah, and the bars close early, too,” Jill added. Stunned, I accidentally blurted out, “Then why in the home of Lucipher are we going to London for Christmas?!” I was only worried about finding dinner, I promise.

Bring your dancing shoes, Alicia!

Marital Bliss

My publisher’s mom died recently and I was told he was coping well because in spite of the pain of her loss, he knew “she was ready to be reunited with her husband.” That statement reminded me of my worst nightmare - to live more than one day longer than Jill. Giselle is my favorite ballet. It is about a woman who dies but her spirit refuses to leave her lover, and they reunite at night to dance in the woods. We have tickets for this ballet, seats on the second row orchestra section, in a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll cry, and I hope you’ll understand why.


Sunday night and Monday morning marked the end of our visitation with the girls. Each says good-bye to me in her own way - Meagan hugs and kisses me several times in the driveway before getting into her car and driving off, then shouts “I love you” to me from her open window as she pulls away. It is the moment that kills me. I know I must and should share my child with her mother, but the parting is never easy. I’m reminded of the Kenny Chesney song, There Goes My Life. Thank goodness she’ll come home in just a week.

The next morning Linley and I spend a few minutes in the car on the way to school acting like it is just any other day. As she leaves the vehicle I tell her I love her and she usually responds only with “peace out” or “see ya Big G,” but then she stands there and waves at me with a sincere smile and a warm glance that means something. Sometimes she waves twice. We’ve never discussed what this means, nor do I dare ask, but I’m happy to witness it. Its funny how the heart works isn’t it?

Book Report

I am about to embark on a large project and will need your help. Please begin to think of family and friends who you believe might like my writings and get their emails together. I’ll explain more latter when the possibilities become real. Thanks in advance!

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