Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Monday

My PC is being released from the hospital today so I should be back to regular blogging Tuesday morning, which is a good thing since the President of my St. Louis fan club will be in town for the quarterly meeting this weekend. If I fall too far behind, she is sure to scold me.

Best thing I learned in church yesterday – a man doesn’t own his family, he surrenders to it in service. Think about that a while; it might change something.

As we entered the church parking lot Jill saw one of the volunteers holding a little mouse of a dog and immediately went into a discourse about why she needed another dog. Reminding her of our agreement that Princess is the last mutt we will have I promptly said “no.” Undaunted, she went on to say she was certain there was a puppy raffle to raise money for the church and we needed to buy tickets, and if we had the winning ticket, she would have to take the dog home because “we shouldn’t resist God’s will.” It took a while for Meagan to stop laughing enough for us to be allowed into the building.

Linley has been telling me she wants to eat with her fingers, so for Jill’s birthday dinner we went to a Persian restaurant where you can do just that. We sat on a Sultan’s bed covered with Persian rugs, huge ornate pillows and a table cloth in the middle where they sat plates and plates of kabobs and other Middle Eastern foods, all of which you could eat with your fingers. Magical Arabian music filled the air and belly dancers mingled between the diners to entertain us. I watched the three girls, their faces wearing a constant smile, laughter aplenty and lots of moaning as they – licked their fingers. One of the great pleasure of being a husband and dad is having the opportunity to fulfill the wishes of your wife and kids. Except when it pertains to a new dog, that is.

How do I know I live in a great neighborhood? One neighbor throws my newspaper on the porch if he knows we are away from home, another leaves her door open for Jill and I when she knows we are coming to visit but not sure when, when Jill and I try to walk our three miles in record time but it take twice as long as usual because we stop and talk so many times along the way as we pass our friends in their yards or on their own stroll. And when in October the neighbors are already asking me when I’m hosting the annual Valentine’s party and if I’m going to make that chocolate cake with gravy again (I’ll tell you one day).

I was chatting with friends at a party about how I plan get my own grocery cart so I can just run and push it to Whole Foods rather than fight with the other cars trying to find a space in the parking lot. It was then when Meagan walked up and asked how likely it was the guards at the gate were going to let a sweaty old man pushing a grocery cart into the neighborhood. She’s got a point.

Okay, that’s all for now. Back to the routine tomorrow. Have a great Monday!

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