Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An Excerpt:

I think the new Thank You, Mom book is about to go to press. I thought I'd give you a sample today to tempt you to buy it (hey, it's how I feed my kids!) when it hits the shelves in March. I hope you enjoy...

"There are, I think, a few universal hallmarks of a good parent: unconditional love, unfailing support, endless affection and concern. These are the hallmarks of my mother. These are the characteristics that distinguish her in my heart and mind. These are the reason why I love her so much.

Although now older and less spry, her eyes and smile still offer reassurance and evidence of pride whenever she looks at me, as does the gentle touch she gives while listening intently to whatever it is I want to get off my chest. Her laughter still warms; so does her heartfelt embrace or “How are you?” that welcomes me each time we meet or talk on the phone. She would still drop everything to come to my aid were it needed, or cook a meal for me if I were to ask for it.

Even though I now say the things my mother has done for me are countless and I attempt with this book to express my gratitude for them all and give her this praise, the truth is I rarely showed appreciation for what she did for me when I was young. I simply did not say “thank you” when I should have. Maybe I was na├»ve, oblivious to the tasks and challenges of parenting, or just thought I was entitled to good treatment, but no matter what the excuse or belated confession, the fact remains my mother did what she did with little reward at the time. Albeit late and thankfully before I have regrets I never told her, the time for her reward has come."

Scroll down to see a few photos from this book and it's companion, Thank You, Dad (available in April).

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