Friday, April 20, 2007

A father's lasting words

I am searching for inspirational stories about father-daughter relationships, stories that share wisdom, teach moral and important life lessons, and give others insight into how to nurture and maintain a healthy, loving and fulfilling father-daughter relationship.

If you are a father or a daughter, I want to hear about your parent-child relationship experiences. For more information about submitting your story, please visit my website,, and click the red corner on the home page, just beneath the “Projects” tab.

I’m collecting photos of dads and daughters, artwork from daughters to dad, or nice shots of smiling daughters of all ages to display on this blog. If you’d like to submit one, please email it to

Now on to today’s diary entry…

A loving daughter sent me a copy of an email from her dad. He wrote it to encourage her as she waited for the outcome of a job interview. Here is what he had to say as he wrapped up his thoughts:

Finally, a person is not defined by their job. A person is defined by their faith, character, their family, their personality and their friends: they take that to the J.O.B. The J.O.B benefits from those qualities which are the factors in life that truly matter.

I love You,


She told me that although three years have passed since her dad sent that email, she still reads it for motivation. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is the heart that, with your help, will beat within the pages of Daddy’s Little Girl.

Today’s photo comes from my Why I Chose You, a book celebrating families formed by adoption. These are the dad and daughters of the Herrin family; they have posed for me several times now, appearing in four books. For some reason I really love this photo; it hangs in my foyer along with some of my other favorites.

The nice thing about photos is they help others connect to you even if you haven’t met. I’ve got some great faces to put on this project, and hope you’ll keep coming back to take a look. Each one is a daddy’s little girl, no matter her actual age. I hope a smile inspires you to send a story!

I have scheduled four interviews for next week and have a few messages waiting to be returned, so I think I am making progress on that front. It is so gratifying to listen to women recall their fond memories of their dads. It gives me hope that hindsight is forgiving, and that the girls will not be burdened in years to come by my parenting mistakes.

In the course of collecting stories for this upcoming book, I also get feedback about other books I’ve written, particularly the first one, Why a Daughter Needs a Dad. Here are a few such notes I’ve recently received:

“What a wonderful book this is, simply worded and yet so full. The photography is both touching and whimsical, making me laugh at all the right moments, while wiping tears from my eyes.

I am a divorced father of two young men, ages 16 and 11. Along my path as a single dad, I met the woman who is to become my second wife. She has a young daughter. Through your book I quickly learned that raising a daughter was a very different thing from raising my sons. There is a whole different range of obligations, all of which I am very willing to take. Although the little girl isn't mine, I adore her and will protect her as any dad would. Once my fiancé and I are married, I will be adopting her.

Thank you once again for such a wonderful book. It put my relationship with my future daughter in perspective. I hope I can live up to all of her expectations of me.”


“I received a copy of your book on Fathers Day 2006 from my then 3 year old daughter (with help from Mom). I knew that I wanted to be a father too, but just didn't realize the importance of the role that I would play in my daughter’s life. Reading your book really brought everything into focus for me and I wanted to say Thanks. I have read your book several times since that Fathers day and each time I get new inspiration. If only your book could be read by all fathers, maybe the world might be a different place.”

I will forever be grateful to have had the opportunity to touch people through my writing. As a kid, I had the same goal in life so many do; I simply wanted to help people. Hopefully I have.

I checked my istock account this morning and found that I’ve now sold 390 photos. Wow. It has taken a while to get momentum and figure out just what kind of images graphic artists want, but now that I’ve got a clue, I’m itching to schedule more models. As soon as the garage warms up, it will become my temporary studio again.

I can’t believe it. The MySpace page I made for Princess ( has had more traffic than my own page. She even has eleven friends now! Little creepy dog. Maybe she should write a book.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend!

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