Monday, May 14, 2007

A good night of sleep?

I am searching for inspirational stories and anecdotes about father-daughter relationships, stories that share wisdom, teach moral and important life lessons, and give others insight into how to nurture and maintain a healthy, loving and fulfilling father-daughter relationship.

If you are a father or a daughter, I want to hear about your parent-child relationship experiences. For more information about submitting your story, please visit my website,, and click the red corner on the home page, just beneath the “Projects” tab.

For those who would like to submit a story but don’t want to write one, I am happy to conduct telephone interviews.

I’m also collecting photos of dads and daughters, artwork from daughters to dad, or nice shots of smiling daughters of all ages to display on this blog. If you’d like to submit one, please email it to

Now on to today’s diary entry…

Today’s photos: The B&W one was loaned to me by Mario Hipol of CA. It is of his youngest daughter; he calls her Tinkerbella. This guy is a hoot! Check out his site for a great laugh The color photo is of Meagan (first row, second from left) and her girlfriends on the way out to dinner Saturday night. Hold on to your seat, Mario. One day little Tinkerbella is going to look like one of these girls, and then it will be years before you get a good night of sleep!

THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY: A house is made of walls and beams; a home is made of love and dreams; and Ninety percent of the friction of daily life is caused by the wrong tone of voice.

I carry a note pad with me everywhere I go in the event I hear or see things that I want to record for use in my writing in the future. Apparently Linley got hold to it one day and wrote a bio for me. It went something like this: “Hi, I’m Gregory Eugene Lang. I can be cool sometimes but mostly I’m a boring guy. I need 2 add some excitement 2 my life!”

Here are excerpts from material I received recently for Daddy's Little Girl:

“Dad, I am so glad that you love me no matter what I do. I love you very much and I hope I become the "Daddy's Little Girl" that you can be very proud of!”

“When my brothers and I were young we had a tradition with Dad as he took us to school; we called it "Milk and Cookie Day" on Fridays. I'm sure having chocolate milk and a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast wasn’t healthy, but we loved it; the treat and the gesture from Dad. Sometimes I still give myself this treat when I want to remember Dad, but for whatever reason, now that he isn’t here to share it with me, they just don’t taste quite the same.”

“My dad used to say, ‘Take things a step at a time: You can't get from first base to third by running across the pitcher's mound.’"

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!


nancyn said...

I would love to contribute to your new book...I have checked out the details about submitting stories...and the due date is August correct? Well, that will be perfect then because I am tied up in a few stressful situations at the moment, but as soon as I have time, I would actually enjoy writing something for your book. Until then, keep me posted if there are any changes.

Mr. M said...

I am so not prepared for my children growing up, but I guess that life has a funny way of moving forward whether you are ready or not. Eventually, I will have to accept the ineveitable and watch the world of pixie dust carried away but for now, I will spend every moment focusing on my happy thoughts and keep my head in the clouds.