Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The bridge you burn now may be the one you later have to cross.

I received this e-mail yesterday. It isn’t here to plug my book, but to illustrate how powerful a dad-daughter relationship can be:

“I was in the store today when your book caught my eye; the title alone prompted me to put it in the cart without even glancing inside.

When I got home I read the back, the introduction, and then every word. With tears streaming down my face I reached the page with your contact information and had to send you a note to thank you. Thank you for putting into words every reason why I need, and love, my dad. When you wrote that the 'relationship between father and daughter almost defies description' you couldn't be closer to the truth. But you have captured the very essence of my own relationship with my father and I know when he reads this he too, will have tears in his eyes.

The 'odd' thing is that I am adopted; I know my birth family but that doesn't take away from the fact that my adopted mom and dad are, and always will be, my mom and dad. In fact, when my birth sister contacted me and I began to know my birth family, it only drew my parents and me closer; a feat I didn't think possible. So you see, Mr. Lang, your words have an even stronger meaning to my dad and I. We've always been close but as the years go by, and we both get older, we both openly express how we feel and the love, respect and admiration I feel for him is overwhelming at times.”

…and there is this story…

“Growing up was would I say a mixed up experience for me, I was an asthmatic patient the only one out of 7 of my sisters. And my mum never ever seemed to be around, she liked to believe she lived with us but she was always 6 hours away, coming home only for Christmas or something.

My dad was always there, he was my hero, my mother, father, friend, nanny, brother just everything and he still is. He always told me how beautiful I was and intelligent, I always felt perfect. My experiences are just too many but I’ll settle for this one.

I must say I was kind of a stubborn child and wanted to have and actually had things my way 99% of the time. Once I was going back to boarding school, my dad gave me what I considered a ridiculous amount of money, I just couldn’t take it, it was too small for me and my taste. So I was trying to object, he threw it at me, I felt my dad had done the worse thing ever, so I left the money on the ground of his room and went straight to my friend’s house who’s driver dropped us in school, our school was 3 hours away. Next morning at 8am my dad was in my school very worried and of course with the exact amount of money I had demanded! Note I said demanded because now I know how unreasonable and selfish I was.

Looking back now I realise how selfless my dad was, he loved us all unconditionally, it wasn’t the money. It was the fact that he felt he had hurt me. He put everything on hold, woke up real early to be at my school. Living in a country where female children were not to be “invested in”, he still single handily raised me and my 7 sisters, we lacked nothing. He never got himself anything new nor cared, he just lived for us all and our happiness. Even when we started to get our first pay cheques, he insisted we use the money wisely, he didn’t want any of it, and we should get all the things he couldn’t get for us.

I love my dad very much, He’s a lawyer and so am I, am married now and all grown up but I secretly believe that no man can measure up to him. He was and still is my hero.”

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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