Friday, September 28, 2007

Meek are the Children

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: It is good to remember that the tea kettle, although up to its neck in hot water, continues to sing.

Yesterday was my lovely Jill’s B-Day; she is now twenty-one-twenty.

No word from the Editor on Daddy’s Little Girl as of yet.

Another story (unedited):

“From the first memories I can remember, my dad was always there. My dad worked hard and made a good living so my mom could stay home with us kids, but my dad was always around as well. Dad was at all of the baseball and softball games, PTA Meetings, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Special events at school, etc. I can’t remember much my father didn’t do with us. From teaching us how to do things to doing them with us, he was by our side. Dad set an example of work ethic for us that said work is important and do your best, but never leave out family time as this is the most important thing in life. I remember well calling my father in his office at work while needing help with a math problem while in high school and my dad helping me over the phone to do my homework so that I could complete it and not have it hanging over my head later in the evening. Not all can do this as my dad could, but you can certainly find ways to let your children know that they matter and that what they have to say and need is important to you. Dad was what I liked to call my number one cheerleader. When I said I can’t, dad would say Can’t never could and then encourage me and help me figure out how I could do it. He raised me to be very independent and be able to take care of things so as to not be dependant on anyone for doing everything for me, but all the while teaching me how to do whatever the task at hand was.

When I was 10, my father fell and broke his leg in 4 places. He had a cast on from Toe to upper thigh. He was bed ridden for approximately 10 weeks. This just happened to happen around the start of summer. It was awesome for me, because my dad was home most of the summer. I spent more time in my parents’ bed that summer than I don’t know where else. My dad and I watched TV together, we played scrabble, and we just talked. It was a 10 year olds dream come true to have dad at home all summer since he usually was at work during the day. I am sure I wished he were gone a few times and we didn’t get to take a family vacation we had been planning before that, but it was still one of the best summers I can remember.”

Jeanine liked yesterday’s photo so much I decided to post another one. This one is called “Meek are the Children.”

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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