Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Girl Wins!

That’s Linley holding the trophy her team won yesterday at the Cheer Sports event. I think she slept with her medal. Go girl!

So swamped today; a brief story and then off to the races:

A dad will let his little girl sit in his lap and cry in his arms whenever she wants to.

Shelley’s heart was broken after a painful break-up with her longtime boyfriend. Her dad, a man who usually remained emotionally distant from those who reached for him, just held his daughter in his lap and let her cry on his shoulder. She was wet with tears, red-faced and sniffling, but he never let her go. This time, he did not try to escape.

He sat with Shelley as she blew her nose again and again and cried her eyes out. It must have seemed like an eternity, but her dad stayed there in the chair with her, his willing presence giving her more comfort than any words ever could.

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