Monday, October 01, 2007

Breakfast Conversation

This in from a loving daughter (unedited):

It was an ordinary Sunday morning breakfast with everyone unusually present. The prayer was said, and eating was about to commence when my Dad threw out one of his great ‘I dare you’ questions. “So, do you believe in God?”

It’s a dare because whoever ventures out into his sea of thought must then answer all resultant questions that are bound to come from the initial question; a daunting task for a philosophy major at 25, let alone a sophomore in high school. Be that as it may, I took the unappetizing bait and answered in the affirmative.

He didn’t even wait a second to pull the water from underneath me, “Why?”

I’m sure I looked every bit the fish I felt like as my mouth hung open … a long time.

At the time I was angry that he’d even posed the initial question as the answer to it should have been obvious seeing as HE had raised me and my siblings in the Judeo Christian tradition. We all knew God existed, so WHY ask Why?

His answer was tough to hear, “There will come a day when saying ‘because my Dad/Pastor says He exists’, will NOT be enough.”

It took less than two years, at a philosophy major meeting to be exact, that the rightness of his questions hit me square between the eyes. In philosophy as in society one’s beliefs are not nearly as important as is the why we choose to stand by them. My Dad understood this fact and passed it on to his children in a way that still sends chills down my spine. I was prepared at that meeting for the tough questions because I had had to prepare for those same questions from my non-philosophy majoring Dad.

I have met too many religious people who not only cannot answer “why”, but do not even know fully what it is that they profess to stand by. These religious kids usually end up as atheists or agnostics after sitting in a couple of philosophy classes. In contrast these same classes managed to strengthen my belief in God. I am not afraid of the question “why” anymore, in fact I welcome it because I can share that which is most important to me, and to think it all began on an ordinary Sunday.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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