Friday, October 19, 2007

Joy of Living

Meagan got her first acceptance letter from a college yesterday. Oh my Lord, my heart stopped. Where has my little girl gone? I knew the day of departure was coming, and I thought I was ready, but I’ve found out - I’m not.

Another story:

Dads help daughters to savor the simple pleasures life has to offer.

Although his family was decidedly lower-middle class in urban Detroit during the 1960's, Alvin made sure his daughter, Jeannine, felt rich while growing up. Through his example, he showed her how to enjoy and appreciate what others took for granted. Even if it was something as simple as eating a bag of steaming hot, roasted peanuts while sitting in the bleachers watching a baseball game, to Alvin, those were the best peanuts he had ever eaten, on the best day of his life at the best baseball game he had ever seen, especially when his little girl was sitting there right alongside him.

Jeannine saw that her dad showed the same enthusiasm whether he was fishing in an old row boat on a hot summer afternoon, taking his first bite of a newly discovered candy bar, or breathing in the aroma of homemade stew. In her dad’s opinion, the glass was always at least half-full.

Jeannine watched as her friends and acquaintances came to believe they had to have material possessions in order to be happy. She also saw how easily those people became bored with what things they acquired, and, eventually, with their lives. They failed to appreciate all the small, though never insignificant, things she had been taught to recognize and savor.

As her friends became more disenchanted with how their lives were turning out, Jeannine only grew more aware of and thankful for how rich and abundant her life had become. She knew a bag of roasted peanuts was so much more than a simple snack; it was another of the many wonderful, little things life had offered her to enjoy, just as her dad had taught her to do.

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