Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lessons Learned

This story came in too late to be considered, but it is a warm tribute so I elected to post it here for your enjoyment:

“My father is a Christian man of few words, but he has taught many lessons in the way he has chosen to live his life. He is a husband of 48 years. He is a father of 5, a grandfather of 16, and great grandfather of 2. He is a father-in-law to 5. He is loved and respected by all.

I could talk about the penny candy he brought home every Friday after getting off work, or him playing a joke on one of us to make us laugh, or even him willing to risk his life to teach me to drive, but more important I would like to share the lessons in life that I hope to pass on to my children one day.

He taught me that on my journey through life things will not always go the way I plan, but I do have a choice on how I deal with what comes my way. With God’s strength, positive thinking, and character you can make it through. Lesson learned, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

He worked to support his family, sometimes 2 jobs and on occasion three. I don’t recall, him being home sick from work, although I do recall him being sick on occasion. Never heard him complain about going to work. He believed if you are hired to do a job, than you give the employer an honest days work. Lesson learned, that a man’s word and deed is the man/woman.

He believed in family and unconditional love. This did not mean if you made a mistake he would bail you out, it meant he was there to love you, and guide you, and walk with you, and if needed loan you money. Lesson learned, that in order to learn from our mistakes we must understand and accept the consequences that come with the mistake. Then we will grow and become stronger.

As I grow older, I realize more each year the treasure I have accumulated over the years in life is not what I wear, not the car I drive, or the house I live in, but the relationships that have been built by working together, sharing in each other’s triumphs and being there for those we love during their disappointments and struggles.

He would not say he is a great man, but that is not how I see him. My dad, though not rich in material possession, has given me more than I could ever repay.

My Dad is James Edward Johnson, and I love him and respect him dearly.”

Great story!

Today’s photo is another from my fine art photography efforts of late. This one is called “In the Shadows of the Valley.” I was selected to hang five images, including this one, in a show called “Out of the South” at the Atlanta Photography Group gallery from Dec. 12 – Feb. 1 2008. Eight photographers were selected from over sixty who submitted portfolios; Diana Edkins of the Aperture Foundation in New York, was the juror. This is how I described my work:

“As an author, I love stories, particularly Southern fiction. Each photograph in the “Southern Allegories” series is a montage of images that represent a spiritual or emotionally provocative idea relevant to the Southern experience. Each is titled with either a Flannery O’Conner or Biblical reference, alluding to a story represented by the photograph but not revealing it entirely. The viewer is invited to find abstract symbols in each image and complete the story to his own liking. Each image in this series is a multi-layered digital composite created from found vintage photographs that have been scanned and original photographs taken with Holga and digital cameras.”

This is my first opportunity to participate in a major show. I’m excited!

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Congratulation's on being chosen for the show.