Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Sweet Meagan

Just a few pics from last night. My Angel, she is. And now on to another story:

His daughter’s happiness is all a dad ever really wants.

Laraine grew up a little tomboy. The youngest of Robert’s four daughters, she had long been his weekend sidekick. She helped him to chop wood for the fireplace, watched football with him whenever a game was on TV, and kept pace with his stride as they hiked through the nearby foothills. Her dad was her teacher, her hero, and the best friend with whom she enjoyed spending her free time.

In addition to being the youngest child, Laraine was also something of an only child for a while, being the last of her sisters to leave home. During her adolescent and young adult years, she continued to spend time with her dad, sometimes hiking or watching football, and other times, sitting and talking about the past events of their lives and her plans for the future.

It was during one of those conversations when Loraine promised her dad that in the unlikely event she was to get married, she wouldn’t change her last name. To her, keeping her maiden name was a gesture meant to honor her beloved dad, the only man to whom her heart had ever belonged.

When she was just four years old Laraine announced to her sisters that she planned to marry her father when she was old enough. Although she eventually outgrew that plan, she didn’t think much about getting married to anyone else. The relationship she witnessed between her mother and father was rare, its passionate intensity as palpable as a heartbeat. Determined not to accept less for herself than the kind of romance her parents shared, she skipped from boyfriend to boyfriend, noncommittal and carefree, caring only about what her father thought of her behavior.

Sometimes Robert worried about his youngest child, wondering if she would follow the way of her older sisters who had already gotten married and started their own families. He wanted her to have love in her life; he wanted her to have all that life had to offer.

One day Robert got what he hoped for. Laraine, by then twenty-five years old, found a man who reminded her of her dad. She surprised everyone, most of all her dad, when she announced her plans to get married. He was thrilled that his little tomboy would soon be a bride.

During the evening before the wedding, Laraine reminded her father of the promise she had made years ago; she would keep her maiden name. Surprised, Robert asked if she was sure she wanted to do that. He assured her she didn’t have to if she’d rather take her husband’s name. He would understand her change of mind.

Laraine, as determined as always, did keep her maiden name. And later she named her son, her first-born child, after her father, too.

Robert sleeps well knowing now all his daughters lead happy lives in the company of the men who love them, and when he thinks of his grandchildren before he nods off, he knows that he, too, is enjoying all that life has to offer.

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Ginny said...

She is such a doll...and she has smiling eyes! What a sweetie!!