Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Book News

I got the typeset copy yesterday, laid out as the designer sees the final product. It looks wonderful! It is so exciting to see each stage of development of the book, and even more exciting that it will be in stores in less than 3 months now. All of the photos I took aren’t being used so I’ll begin posting those on the blog for your enjoyment. In the next few days I’ll be proofreading so likely won’t have a new post up until mid-Friday. Thanks so much for your help and encouragement!

The things I’m grateful for:

1. I’ve finished our Christmas shopping!
2. The “I love you” text messages Meagan sends to me.
3. The sounds of Christmas carols coming through the walls of Linley’s bedroom.
4. Meagan falling asleep on my shoulder while watching TV.
5. Linley’s excitement when I give her waffles for breakfast.
6. The old crayon scrawled notes of affection from Meagan I found in a drawer while searching for a spare key.
7. The beautiful vision of Jill wrapped in a towel just out of the shower.
8. The privilege of being the man to stand there and watch her get ready each morning.
9. Hearing the girls ask for “family time.”
10. The invitation to vacation next summer with our neighbors.
11. Having the freedom to shuttle the girls to and fro and attend to their errands.
12. Our good health.
13. The look of surprise in Linley’s eyes when she realizes I actually have a brain.
14. Meagan’s pride in me when she hears someone talk about one of my books.
15. The way Jill says “I love my husband” every day when she comes home from work.
16. The ten minutes of bliss when I hold her close under the covers just after hitting the snooze button.
17. The companionship of our friends and neighbors.
18. My extended family, both by blood and marriage.
19. Reunions with old friends once thought lost.
20. The realization, and honor, that someone is counting on me.
21. When Meagan embraces me and admits to having some fear of leaving home.
22. Linley calling on my opinion when she is sick or injured and screaming for my rescue when she finds a bug in her room.
23. A photo of Meagan in my wallet, one taken when she graduated from Pre-K.
24. The ability to put a check in the mail for causes or charities we believe in.
25. The email I get from fans who over the years have shared their stories with me.
26. The opportunity to live another day in this blessed life of mine.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!


Catt said...

I just love your books! I'm sorry I missed my chance to contribute to "Daddy's Little Girl". I know it would have meant so much to my dad. Maybe next time. :o) Keep up the great work. You're a very inspirational writer.

Catt said...

I just love your books! I'm sorry I missed my chance to contribute to "Daddy's Little Girl". I know it would have meant so much to my dad as well as me. Maybe next time. :o) Keep up the great work. You are a very inspirational writer!

Ginny said...

Your "grateful list" leaves me speechless. You...and Jill...and Meagan...and Linley...are truly blessed.