Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Upon Transition

My friend Richard in FL saw the "All is Well" post and then sent this wonderful poem to me. Written by his sister for her children before her passing, he has allowed me to share it with you:

Come not to mourn but rather to rejoice!
My newfound freedom gives my soul its choice.
in Autumn, find the brightest Maple tree;
Enjoy its splendor - it could well be me!
An ice clothed bush aglow in Winter's Sun--
This could be me, now God and I are one.
A gold fringed cloud -- a spray of Sea--a flower
A weeping Willow tree--A summer shower--
The sound of music in a night winds sigh--
A Bluebird winging freely toward the sky.
Don't mourn! I am not dead, How could I be?
When now I am All things --Eternally!

To My Children with love.


A brief book update - all the misspellings have been found and corrected, clarity added where necessary, more apt story titles chosen, and the cover has been designed (it is beautiful!). It is headed to the designer for page layout, then to press. Eleven weeks from now, the first copies should begin rolling off the conveyor. Can't wait! Thanks to you all for helping give life to this idea.

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