Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Meagan has been accepted into her college of choice – the University of Georgia!!! After months of sitting on pins and needles the news finally came in. Now my sweet daughter is a bulldog, too, just like her daddy! Her intended major (at least at this time) is Consumer Journalism, then law school. You cannot imagine how proud I am!

It was also a big news day for Linley. She has been attending a camp for a number of years and has wanted for some tome to be a counselor in training. She was accepted, too! Although we will miss her while she is gone for a full month this summer, we know she will be happy helping the other little campers.

I received another update on the book the other day. The designers have made a few last minute changes that are wonderful. It seems ready to jump off the shelf and into a dad or daughter’s waiting hands. We are now inside of 2 months before it is in print, and 11 weeks from seeing it on store shelves.

The photography show went very well (photos coming soon). I believe a second piece will sell this week and three gallery owners asked me to follow up with them. Is there a real future for me as an artist as well? I certainly hope so; we’ll see.

Other than a Christmas message I plan to post at the end of the week, this is the last post for 2007. Between the parties, family visits, helping the kids study for final exams and plans I have for Jill (our third anniversary is this Thursday!), I will be too busy to blog. But stay tuned – 2008 will be a year of exciting news and writing!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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SisterMom said...

Well thank you so much for writing such a beautiful book! It really did make me cry and helped me to get so excited about traveling to meet my little sisters!