Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An Update:

It seems so much is happening right now. I spent the better part of last week reading and re-reading the copyedited draft of Daddy’s Little Girl, looking for errors and ways to improve the book before it went back to the designer for final tweaks. We agreed to change a few photographs, story titles, and added or deleted a word or two from here and there to clarify a story.

Then yesterday I received a bound sample of the book, the kind you might do yourself at Kinko’s, one that is intended to give the sales team an idea of what the final product will be. Jill sat down to review it and right away found a few more spelling errors, which sent me into a flurry to get notes to the editor in CA before she left her office. Fortunately, a proofreader had also caught the mistakes and made the changes. I’m in good hands.

The girls are beginning to get curious about the book and want to know what stories I’ve told about them, but I won’t answer, wanting to give them a copy of the actual book before too much is revealed. The sales team samples are hidden away and I’m hoping as the girls snoop around to see what Santa has in store for them (and they will), they won’t find the book. There’s no doubt each will take an exception to how she is represented in at least one story and I want to forestall that grief for as long as possible.

I also received my contract from the Speakers Bureau that has begun to represent me. I once gave speeches quite often in a different industry, but never as a motivational author. My knees are shaking a bit but I’m excited about the opportunity. I’m also grateful another door has opened for me.

A magazine was just released which included a review of two books I wrote for Cumberland House. If I can get permission, I'll post a copy here for you.

The photography show opens next Friday! Can't wait; I'll post photos of the event on Dec. 17th. Hey, I've already sold a piece!

…sorry for the free association, I am in a hurry but wanted to get an update out… gotta go….

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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