Thursday, January 03, 2008


As I opened the Word document to write this post today I realized I needed to create a 2008 folder in my electronic filing system. It is my third calendar year writing online and this is post #388. It is hard to believe I’ve found so much to say (albeit some might question the value of much that I’ve said!) and as I write this I wonder if the proverbial well my mind draws from will ever run dry. I hope not but to help me find content day to day I carry a little notebook with me everywhere I go. In it I jot down the things I see or overhear, believing that when I sit down at this desk I will find a hurriedly scratched out note that will inspire me to write something worthwhile. I also find inspiration in the email I receive from readers each day. The credit for today’s post goes to my friend and frequent emailer in FL, Richard, and a woman ahead of me in line at the grocery store yesterday who said something I wrote down once I got back in my car.

Whole Foods is having a sale; 20% off on cases of wine. When standing in line yesterday to checkout I lifted a case of wine from a LOL’s (Little Old Lady in text-speak) cart to the belt at the cash register. As she thanked me I remarked I had resolved to give up wine until my weight was back where I wanted it to be. She touched my arm and said:

“Honey, even Jesus drank wine. You can’t deprive yourself of the good stuff; it’ll make you cranky.”

I laughed as I wrote it down and then thought if I walked an extra thousand feet to burn off a few more calories, I might allow myself a glass of the good stuff now and then.

And then from Richard this morning:

“I’ve never made new years resolutions but I respect the practice. I would like to give you some advice on yours. All the items on your list are worthy except the one concerning wine. I assume you drink wine responsibly and you don’t fill the glass past the curve. You should be drinking 2 glasses per day for heart maintenance (but not at the same time). Of course no wine is worth more than $15.00 per bottle. I've had some $5 and $6 wines that were as good as a $70.00 bottle of Cabernet. Do yourself a favor and cross the wine resolutions of your list.”

So in a toast to Richard and the LOL I hope to see again one day, I close this post so that I may bundle up (it is 14 degrees outside!) and walk to Whole Foods and visit the sommelier. It is just over a 2 mile roundtrip stroll – just enough to offset the glass of wine I’ll have after dinner tonight. Who am I to ignore sage advice?!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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