Friday, January 11, 2008

Based on a True Story

Hi folks! Thanks for coming back. Sorry about the limited posts this week; I've been swamped with the other details of life.

Some of you have asked about the novel I'm working on. Actually there are two - both love stories, one a traditional southern tale, the other a romantic comedy of sorts set within a tabloid newspaper. Here's the description of that book, "Based on a True Story":

"Five World War Two Air Force planes fly through a thunderstorm. Radio conversation with the control tower confirms the planes are lost somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. During frantic efforts to find their location and return to base, the planes fly into a rainbow and disappear from sight. So begins the mystery of Flight 19.

ANDREW WORTH, an idealistic journalist who believes in telling the naked truth no matter what the consequences, gets fired and blacklisted within the mainstream news publishers after revealing an unflattering fact about his publisher’s wife. We first meet Andrew asleep in the back seat of a cab driving through downtown Miami. He is headed to his first day of work at THE RUMOR.

Unable to find respectable work, Andrew has accepted a position with a struggling tabloid owned by a spirited publisher, WALTER HOLIDAY. Walter dreams of transforming the tabloid into a “serious” news publication, and hopes to one day surpass the circulation of The National Enquirer. Frustrated that none of his staff share this vision, he brings in Andrew with the expectation that he will transform the tabloid and make it a huge success.

Walter asks Andrew to investigate the story of DOROTHY TAYLOR, an elderly woman living in a nursing home in Florida who claims that her husband, an Air Force pilot who flew with the ill fated Flight 19, is alive. Andrew attacks the story in an earnest investigation and with the full support of Walter, but much to the displeasure of JERRY, the undermining Managing Editor who more than once attempts to foil Andrew, and ultimately Walter. It doesn’t help matters that Andrew and Jerry have ambitions for the same girl, Walter’s pretty assistant, CATALINA.

Andrew travels to meet Dorothy Taylor. She is a charming woman who compels him to search for her husband, LT. CHARLES TAYLOR, in spite of his serious doubts about the possibility that her husband is still alive. Andrew is motivated by the discovery that an aviation artifact belonging to Dorothy could only have come from the type of plane flown by her husband during Flight 19.

During his investigation, Andrew meets FRANK POWERS, a military surplus and antiques dealer. Frank sets out to help Andrew understand the mystery of Flight 19, long rumored to have fallen fate to the Bermuda Triangle. Later Andrew learns that Frank is the son of another pilot that disappeared on Flight 19.

Andrew and Frank, flying over the Bermuda Triangle in Frank’s restored airplane identical to the one his father flew, encounter a thunderstorm and a rainbow, and the grasp of the Bermuda Triangle. Finding themselves on an uncharted island where time stands still, they discover the entire crew of Flight 19, as well as others who have mysteriously disappeared and been the subject of tabloid rumors over the years, including ELVIS PRESLEY and D. B. COOPER. Andrew also discovers that Lt. Taylor knows how to escape the island and return home, and that he has kept this a secret to himself.

Andrew convinces Lt. Taylor to return to Florida to see his wife before she dies. Frank remains on the island to live with his father. Andrew and Lt. Taylor return to Florida in Frank’s plane, neither realizing that a stowaway is on board. Dorothy and her husband are reunited for the first time in sixty years. Lt. Taylor ages rapidly and they die in each other’s arms.

Andrew refuses to write the story of his incredible adventure because he had promised Lt. Taylor he would not jeopardize the safety of those remaining on the island. He settles with Walter on a slightly fabricated story about finding D. B. Cooper’s money, some of which D. B. had given him while on the island. The story proves to be the turnaround event Walter was dreaming of, greatly improving the circulation of The Rumor. Throughout the adventure, Andrew and Catalina have fallen in love. Andrew also realizes telling the truth sometimes has unfortunate costs, and in those times a white lie is nobler if it saves others from heartache and ruin.

Andrew and Catalina travel to a Las Vegas to get married and stay in a hotel where an Elvis Presley convention is being held. One particular contestant is introduced as Elvis Presley from Bermuda. He takes the microphone and begins to sing. Andrew recognizes the singer as the true Elvis Presley from the island. Elvis announces his comeback to a joyful audience."

Silly, I know, but a good diversion from the other stuff I write or think about most of the time. Have a great weekend!

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Douglas Westfall said...

Dear Gregory: I follow up on all Flight 19 weblogs and I must say, your's is the most interesting. I'm a historical publisher working on a book titled Discovery of Flight 19, due out this quarter:
I would like to know more about Taylor's family however.
Best Regards, Douglas Westfall, Publisher