Monday, January 14, 2008

The Big ?

The print date of the book is now just three weeks away and the on-the-shelf date is now only five weeks away. I can’t wait to get my hands on a real copy. I remember when my first book came out. I watched its progress everyday, tracking its sales rank on and the Barnes and Noble website, and following the NYT’s best-seller list each week, hoping to see my book make an appearance. That was nearly six years ago. Over time I became less obsessed with sales charts and even eventually stopped watching the NYT’s list. I’m proud of each book and grateful for how well they’ve done, but as do all things that happen again and again, the whole “new book” thing became familiar and less exciting for me.

Daddy’s Little Girl, however, is a different story.

Not only is it the first book I’ve written for HarperOne, it is my first full-length book. At over 200 pages and more than 45,000 words, it is the test case, at least in my mind, of whether I am going to make it as an author. To date my other books have been in the neighborhood of 3,500 words, something that could be read in a matter of minutes. High in impact but admittedly short in content, a challenge for some to accept as little more than long gift cards. Daddy’s Little Girl overcomes that criticism, it is indisputably a “book,” so now the question is can I hold a reader’s interest for hours? Will you read it to the very last word, and when you put it down, will you have liked what you read?

So I’m excited about the debut of Daddy’s Little Girl, and I’m anxious, too. Anxious as all get out, as we sometimes say.

Yes, I will rip into the box like a kid at Christmas when I see UPS bring my author copies to the door. I will eagerly give copies to my neighbors and then wait on their doorsteps for their reaction. I will watch its ranking at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and, of course, on the New York Time’s list. I will prowl the aisles of bookstores looking to see how many copies they’ve shelved, and maybe hang around waiting to see if someone will reach for one and decide to purchase it or put it back on the shelf. I’ll be humble but giddy if good reviews appear, and quiet and blue should a negative one cross my path. I’ll go to the mailbox hoping to find fan mail, maybe a story of how my words changed someone’s life, or was the perfect birthday gift or the way a wife told a husband a baby girl was on the way.

And I’ll be hoping that finally all will agree, I can write.

Cross your fingers for me please.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!


Ginny said...

Yes, Greg, you can write! May you be rewarded with many "giddy" moments!!


Greg, I can hardly wait to read your book! I will knock down any other shoppers who get in my way! (ha)