Friday, February 08, 2008

A new Image and reader mail

A portrait of my neighbor's daughter, Caroline. I like it quite a bit and think I'm going to offer this sort of artistic rendering of a portrait as a new photographic service. Hey, we all have bills to pay.

And this from a reader of last Friday's post:

"Your utterly offensive humor attempt will see you remanded to reeducation camp shortly after January, 2009 when the new president is coronated. Such attempts at widespread political incorrectness will no longer be tolerated for the common good of the people. Reliquishing freedoms is sometimes neccessary for the security of the Republic and the welfare of all its citizens to avoid the trampling of the minorities and the disadvantaged by the aggressive capitalists currently making policy. Further correspondence will follow if you do not aggressively display your sorrow and make reparations for the harm done to those offended in your posting.

See ya you warmongering, knuckle dragging, global warming denying, male dominating neanderthal."

It's from my cousin; he can't help it, he lives in West Virginia. Love ya Eric!

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