Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Friday

I am searching for heartfelt and inspirational stories about mother-daughter relationships, stories that share wisdom and teach important moral and life lessons, stories from which daughters and moms might derive hope and guidance after reading them.

What did you learn from this unique parent-child relationship, how it has changed over the years, how you two dealt with conflict, etc? The stories can be about good or bad times, as long as the result is something others can learn from. There are no format or length requirements.
For more information about submitting your story, please visit my website,, and click the red corner on the home page, just beneath the “Projects” tab.

I’m also collecting photos of moms and daughters to display on this blog. If you’d like to submit one, please email it to

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Now on to today’s post~

Don’t you love the message in today’s photo? A friend sent this to me; I have no idea where it came from.

Yikes! Just learned from my editor the due date for this book may move up as much as two months. Please, please please, if you’ve thought about sending in a story, do so at your earliest convenience. If you want to participate but don’t think you can write a story in the next couple of months, let’s schedule a telephone interview. They take 30 minutes to an hour depending on how much you’ve thought about the subject ahead of time.

The good news is 17 stories are in already. Thanks everyone!

Please remember to put your name and email address at the end of your story. If you do not I could lose track of who is the author after the attachment has been separated from your email.

This little nugget was sent to me by writer Dionna Sanchez of

“Kamica is fairly young for contacts. But we knew she'd be very responsible with them and she's done great this first year of wearing them. Sometimes she gets a little weary of putting them in or putting drops in her eyes - but she's done fabulous and it's so nice to see the sparkle in her eyes each day out from behind glasses.

Lately, she's had a little trouble getting them in in the mornings (and she can get frustrated quickly) so she's been coming in my bathroom. I finally asked her this morning why she was bringing all of her contact stuff in my bathroom to put them in. She told me that for some reason, it was easier to get them in when she was in with me. I smiled and said, ‘I'm your lucky penny!’ To which she replied, ‘No, you're more like my 100 dollar bill.’”

Out of the moths of babes….

Every now and then someone asks me why I write. On the one hand is a single concrete truth – I have to earn a living, might as well be doing something I enjoy. On the other hand are a host of more subjective truths – including it makes me happy to touch people on the other side of the country, even the world. For instance, I found this little mention of my second book yesterday, written by a wife soon to be mother:

“Al got an Easter basket from the Easter bunny filled with healthy choices (high fiber cereal and baby oranges in a can). It also contained a book called “Why a Son Needs a Dad.” It lists all of the things that sons and dads can do together. Al kept turning the pages saying ‘I can't wait to do that with our guy.’ I think that he liked it.”

I’m so honored he did. A second mention I found was in reference to someone who donated the dad collection of my books to a public library in honor of a recently deceased dad. Again, I’m honored. I can’t take either of these gestures to the bank, but I can savor the acknowledgment derived from both all day long. That is why I write.

I hope you all have great weekend plans. Meagan and I are going to see a play tonight while Jill and Linley attend a cheerleader banquet. The only thing worse than bad theater has to be trying to have dinner with 150 teen squealers jumping around the room. What do I know, I’m just a dad.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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