Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Monday

Well it has been a while since I made regular posts, mostly because I have been working hard every day on the novel I’ve daydreamed about finishing for several years now. It is going well and I hope to complete the revised draft by the end of April. But the real reason I haven’t been around lately is that I’ve been fighting the nasty cold/flu bug for 13 days. I’ve just been too lethargic to think of much to say here. But I was able to sleep though the night last night without waking myself up coughing and I haven’t been through a box of tissues yet and it is already almost 9AM, so I think I’m on the mend. Oh, and yes, there was that little matter with Linley…

Baby Girl woke up with a bad belly ache Friday so I took her to the doctor; Jill and I were concerned because she seemed to have difficulty standing upright and it was painful for her to walk. Turns out she had appendicitis and went into surgery that afternoon. She’s much better now, still asleep at the moment, but will be out of school for a week. It was terrible watching her get worse by the hour. Her mom, dad and I kept vigil and each did his/her best to take care of the baby when she as finally brought back to the room, and Jill and I are spoiling her right now. For example, I thought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was prescribed after a tonsillectomy, not an appendectomy, but who really cares. She’s enjoying the attention and let her have it; one day she won’t have us around to give it to her so why refrain now.

Meagan and I spent the day driving back to my hometown yesterday so that she could meet the young woman who is her first choice for a roomie at UGA this fall. They passed each other’s review and then went shopping for dorm decorating accessories. Girls and their excitement about bedding, it escapes my comprehension. But the best part was the five hours we spent alone in the car talking about everything under the sun. I’m grateful for such times, when I get to be dad, friend and advisor, not just disciplinarian and Daddy Warbucks. Oh I complain but you know as well as I do how much I am going to miss the times when she hugs and kisses me, smiles with sparkling eyes and tells me I’m handsome just before asking for a $20.

Speaking of Meagan, you’ll notice the neat little widget on the blog, a countdown clock to the release date of Daddy’s Little Girl. After the book is in stores the widget will be replaced by a Browse Inside tool that will allow you to see a few pages and photos before you buy. During this week I hope to make a few more changes to the blog, including adding links to where you can order the book, and adding the widget to my website. As preparations for launching the book unfold I will share what news of media or event plans that I can, and of course as the final days near I’ll have much to say about my excitement. My fingers are crossed, I hope to finally make it into the Top 5 on the New York Times Best-seller list!

And more news, I have officially begun working on Mom’s Little Angel, the mother-daughter follow-up to Daddy’s Little Girl. I sent over 1100 emails last week soliciting stories and have already received several. Thanks to all for your continued interest in my writing and willingness to share your stories with me.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!


Honi said...

hi greg u posted to my blog ... am i israel when i get home I will reply to your request perhaps I can contribute to your up coming book.. will read more when i am back in the states

emmielou said...

Congrats on the upcoming release of your new book and good luck with the next one. I would love to do a write up for you about my amazing mom. I'll send it in on your website. Thanks for the heads up. I really enjoy writing and have filled up several journals. To me it's a good way to clear my head.