Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Notes on Why a Son Needs a Mom:

I found this online this AM:

“We received a book at the adoption shower with the same title as this post. Last night when everyone was in bed, I was alone in my office reading. I needed some quiet time to think. The days are extremely hectic and between settling disputes, cooking and dealing with the kinds of disciplinary issues and stories of birth parents like we did last night, there are few moments to sit and reflect. I think I will become one of those people who sleep three hours a night. Who needs sleep?

Anyhow, before reading the book I was, of course, deep in thought about Viktor. Every day I am working towards bringing him to us, emails and phone calls (between rounds of dealing with the little guys, when they have five minutes of quiet play!) and so on. We have identified at least one program in Kiev that he can be a part of, and we have been in contact with the US side. He will have to come one month early to study in an intensive English camp. But guess where our region's camp is? Here, in our city! HA! We are also still garnering support and letters of support for his student visa. And finally, we are building the PayPal page/link. This will be a few days, it is a bit more complex when it is for a nonprofit, tax-deductible donation situation. But it is coming!

So back to the book. Basically it just answers the question, why does a son need a mom? As I read this with tired (OH so tired) eyes and a heavy heart, it was very powerful...

In honor of my two little sons, my big son who waits there to be reunited with his mama, and the fact that the majority of orphans in Ukraine are boys who are sons to no one and desperately need a mom as well - here are some of the things I read:

A son needs a mom... believe in him when it seems that no one else does assure him that his heartache will not last forever be his trusted confidant tell him that anything is possible if done for the right reason steer him away from the darkness protect him until he is old enough to protect himself.

Wow. I love my boys so much - all three of them.”

It’s a great feeling that comes when you see that your words speak to people in ways they themselves describe as powerful. I love what I do.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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