Monday, May 19, 2008

Letting Go

I am searching for heartfelt and inspirational stories about mother-daughter relationships, stories that share wisdom and teach important moral and life lessons, stories from which daughters and moms might derive hope and guidance after reading them.

What did you learn from this unique parent-child relationship, how it has changed over the years, how you two dealt with conflict, etc? The stories can be about good or bad times, as long as the result is something others can learn from. There are no format or length requirements.

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Now on to today’s post~

Today’s photograph originally appeared in the Spanish translation of my book Why a Daughter Needs a Mom.

Take a look at what HarperOne and have done with my Amazon page. Click the “Read a letter” hyperlink next to my photo, just to the bottom right corner of the book cover image:

A mom shared this with me recently; her thoughts on watching her daughter grow and go:

“It is time to let her go. She is going after God. What more could a mother desire? I know it is good and right, but my heart aches. My baby is going to spread her wings and I won't be there to witness it.All of her life has been leading up to this. I always knew this was a possibility. She had talked of missions work as a young child, wanting to be a veterinarian missionary, who cared for the people's animals while she told them about Jesus. Yes, she was a very creative child.....still is.As we stood worshipping in church out of the corner of my eyes I saw her surrendering her life to be a beautiful display of God to others. With my hand upon her head and my heart praying her release, God came, for both of us. We held each other close, she wept, tears filled my eyes as I tried to retain some composure, for fear I would surely cry the "ugly cry" in a room full of people.You know no one told me about this part. I mean I knew that you let go and everything. After all I don't live with my parents anymore. I left home... So I know it is a natural part of life. But I never knew it hurt like it does.... In just a blink of an eye, time has moved in warp speed and those little ones are leaving home to live their own lives. I didn't know when I had toddlers that life would move into warp speed.”

And then this musing from a daughter:

“We don't understand each other very well and our relationship has been a gigantic learning experience for both of us. But I think when people go through the relationship wringer like we did, one of two things happen. People break away. Or people hold on to the one thing that can't be broken. She's my mom. I'm her daughter. For better or worse; we're tenuously building on that now.

I'm married now and have a four year old stepson. It has done great things for our mother/daughter relationship. I get how busy and overloaded moms and wives are, and how not every decision made by a mom is a good one. She sees that I am a real, live grownup, just trying to do the best for my own family. Living among men only has made the women in my life more important overall. Men will never understand me the way another woman can.

And I really believe that someday, no woman will understand me the way that my mom will.”

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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