Monday, June 30, 2008

Angel on her shoulder

I am searching for heartfelt and inspirational stories about family relationships, stories that share wisdom and teach important moral and life lessons, stories from which children and parents might derive hope and guidance after reading them.

What did you learn from your family relationships, how have they changed over the years, and what family bonding moments will you never forget? These are the stories that when heard, can change lives.

For more information about submitting your story, please visit my website,, and click the red corner on the home page, just beneath the “Projects” tab.

I also conduct recorded telephone interviews for those who prefer to tell rather than write their story. Just send an email (Go to “Links” below-right for my address) requesting an interview appointment.

NOTE: The first draft of “Mom’s Little Angel: Stories of the Special Bond Between Mothers and Daughters” has been submitted. However, I am still accepting mother-daughter stories in the event some stories from the first draft are dropped and then need to be replaced.

Now on to today’s post~

I’ve learned that Daddy’s Little Girl ranked 6th in all religious/inspirational books sold during the weeks leading up to Father’s Day! Thanks to you all who continue to show your support for my writing!

Today’s photo is of my friend Jennifer jumping into the pool with her daughter. Look close and you’ll see they are holding hands just as they enter the water. This photo was taken for “Mom’s Little Angel.”

This note comes form my friend Ann who contributed to the “Daddy’s Little Girl” book:

“I am thinking a great deal about my mom this morning as it is the 11th anniversary of her death. It is true - people never realize what they have in their parents until they are gone. I lost my dad when I was only 10 and then my mom when I was 31.

Mom and I did not always get along for many reasons, most which were definitely my fault. I feel so much guilt it hurts, but I try to remember that she loved me no matter what and I loved her, and she did know how much at the end. Everything my mom ever suggested to me that I disregarded turned out to be good advice. I should have listened to her and taken ALL of her advice. How crazy was I to think that I knew more than she did?

I bought my first home 2 years ago and one big thing that I am constantly wishing is that she saw my home. It has a great yard and she loved gardening and flowers. I never thought I would have a home, never thought I could afford one, but now have one on the very street I grew up on. Now I have plants blooming yet I don't know their names, and I know she would know. I want her to see the different plants that bloom every week of the spring and summer. I planted a small garden too. I sense her watching over my shoulder; I just wish she were really here to share it with me, and me, with her.”

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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