Monday, June 09, 2008

We're Back

Today's wonderful image was provided by Lindsey Bundy. She says:

"This is one of my most favorite pictures of my daughter and I. She is now two and a half, and these were taken when she was 14 months, and every picture just sums up so much of what my heart can't say. My mom always argued with me that she loved me more, and that someday when I had a child I would understand. The funny thing is that I still believe I love her more, the love of a child to a parent is hard to match. However, I also believe nobody has ever loved and adored and truly treasured a child the way I do mine. So in the end, I suppose I think that nobody can compete with the amount of love I have in my heart. "

Thanks Lindsey!

Yes, we are back in GA, all safe, happy and a bit more tanned. Jill and Meagan are still asleep and Linley is already on the road on her return trip to the mission camp in VA. I'm sure she's asleep, too; BabyGirl has been on the road since 4:45 AM.

I have a stack of mail 8 inches deep and too many emails to count, plus three interviews and two photo appointments in the next three days, and then Jill and I leave for NY for some Father's Day promotion activities in the Big Apple, so the next couple of posts will be brief. Today, just the highlights:

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad has been the #1 best-selling inspirational gift book on for the last 10 days!

I've lost 22 pounds since the beginning of the year! All my pants are baggy & saggy. Suddenly I'm fashionable!

Daddy's Little Girl is climbing, too. It hit a high last week of #15 among books about fatherhood on I'm certainly hoping it will reach at least in the top five during this week, the last six days before Father's Day. Of course #1 is better.

Once again, we didn't win the lottery.

OK, new photos tomorrow and a short mother-daughter story, plus other tidbits as they rise to the top. Thanks for visiting!

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