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I am searching for heartfelt and inspirational stories about family relationships, stories that share wisdom and teach important moral and life lessons, stories from which children and parents might derive hope, guidance and a smile after reading them.

I am conducting recorded telephone interviews to gather the information necessary to portray your story. Interviews last 30-45 minutes; just send me an email (See “Links” below for my address) requesting an interview appointment.

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Stories are not published as submitted or told but rather are used as anecdotes told by me, the narrator, to help illustrate a message about teaching or cherished moments between mothers and daughters.

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Stories about the fun moms and daughters have together, how moms teach daughters what it means to be a woman (putting on makeup, first period, first bra, first boyfriend), help with the challenges of a wedding and marriage, daughters helping mom in a technological world, etc., are all welcome.

NOTE: The deadline to offer a mother-daughter story is tomorrow.

Now on to today’s post~

A Reason for Celebration

While searching through recipes on the Internet trying to find the perfect recipe for preparing a juicy New York Strip and the traditional accompaniments for her husband’s birthday dinner, Phoebe remembered he asked that nothing special be done on his behalf – it was just another birthday.

She couldn’t hold back her devilish grin. That a birthday might pass without grand celebration was beyond her comprehension. Her mother was responsible for such thinking.

In fact, in her thirty years of living, Phoebe couldn’t remember her mom not making a big deal out of “special occasions”. All occasions were special to mom. Dad had literally nicknamed his wife “Mrs. Holiday,” most likely because she often invented holidays if she thought too much time had passed since the last official reason for celebration. There was the Last Day of Summer, First Day of Spring, the 183rd Day of the Year, and more.

Continuing to this day Phoebe’s mom makes sure her family members’ birthdays are as big and celebratory as Christmas mornings are. Independence Day, Memorial Day, Pioneer Day and Halloween celebrations each last two days in Mrs. Holiday’s household. Each year while living at home, Phoebe walked into a bedroom loaded with Valentine cards after coming home from school. Easter called for new outfits and a basket loaded with chocolate eggs and bunnies, and then there was Christmas. Santa Claus still visits Mrs. Holiday’s house and leaves gifts for the grown children and, of course, grandchildren.

Phoebe remembered talking with an aunt recently who shared with her a story. The aunt said she had run into her sister wandering around a department store and asked what she was looking for. Mrs. Holiday said she didn’t have anything particular in mind but she needed an end of the school year gift for Phoebe.

“Phoebe’s a little old for that, isn’t she,” the aunt remarked.

“It’s what I’ve always done,” Mrs. Holiday replied. “Besides, Phoebe’s a teacher so technically it is still the end of the school year for her.”

Phoebe smiled hearing the story, knowing with certainty her mother would buy end of the school year gifts for her grandchildren, too, once they entered elementary school, if she could wait that long.

Tempted most by the Steak au Poivre with Morel Mushrooms, Phoebe printed the recipe, knowing also that she had fallen victim to her mother’s influence. In her home there would be gifts when least expected, a special dinner for every birthday that passed, and the celebration of holidays no one had ever heard of, all in the tradition of her mother, the woman who had taught her how to celebrate what mattered most – life.

Do you have a heartwarming mother-daughter story to tell? A glimpse into an important teaching moment between you and mom or daughter? A confirmation of love? Just a wonderful moment you’ll never forget? If yes, please let me know!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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