Monday, July 14, 2008

Mommy Magic

I am searching for heartfelt and inspirational stories about family relationships, stories that share wisdom and teach important moral and life lessons, stories from which children and parents might derive hope, guidance and a smile after reading them.

I am conducting recorded telephone interviews to gather the information necessary to portray your story. Interviews last 30-45 minutes; just send me an email (See “Links” below for my address) requesting an interview appointment.

For those who prefer to write their story rather than participate in an interview, you must submit it via my website. Please visit and click the red corner on the home page just beneath the “Projects” tab.

Stories are not published as submitted or told but rather are used as anecdotes told by me, the narrator, to help illustrate a message about teaching or cherished moments between mothers and daughters.

If this is your first visit to my blog, please read the Frequently Asked Questions posted on March 20, 2008.

Stories about the fun moms and daughters have together, how moms teach daughters what it means to be a woman (putting on makeup, first period, first bra, first boyfriend), help with the challenges of a wedding and marriage, daughters helping mom in a technological world, etc., are all welcome.

NOTE: The deadline to offer a mother-daughter story has been reset to the original deadline of August 1st.

Now on to today’s post~

Here’s an excerpt from a story about the healing powers of Mom:

The night of the earache and that bout with the flu were years ago and now Vickie is a married mother. Yet, she still needs her mom, she confesses, craving her close comfort and magical healing powers whenever she becomes ill. Of course Vickie knows now her mom never possessed magic healing powers, but then there was indeed something very magical about her. Maybe it was the way she fluffed the pillows, touched her forehead with her hand first and then her lips, or the way she always moved the box of tissues and television remote a little closer by.

Or just maybe it was the love and attention of a concerned mother that made all the difference. Maybe that is where the magic is after all. And although Vickie has no particular medical knowledge, whenever her children are sick she is the nurse they call for, and they are always rewarded with a fluffed up pillow and a kiss on the forehead.

And this is a portion of a letter I received from a mom named Belinda:

She slept when she should, ate well and was always a healthy, happy baby. As she went through her childhood there was never a problem, she was an exceptional little girl. She experienced great friendships and loved life every day! As adolescence came and went, we had none of the usual Mother--Daughter issues. No problem with clothes, school or even boys. Sounds very strange, doesn’t it? But I am so blessed with this daughter that words don’t seem adequate.

She is now a lovely wife, mother, granddaughter, step-sister and sister-in-law. Her mothering skills are incredible and the thought that I had anything to do with her mind, body and spirit is beyond my comprehension. I remember times when I would lose my temper or not handle a particular situation tactfully. The times I have sat in horror thinking about “Why did I do that?” And yet God has allowed her to forget my short comings.

Sweet sentiments, indeed, don’t you think?

Do you have a heartwarming mother-daughter story to tell? A glimpse into an important teaching moment between you and mom or daughter? A confirmation of love? Just a wonderful moment you’ll never forget? If yes, please let me know!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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ann marie said...

I found your site after you posted a comment on mine. Whenever you leave a comment that starts with "I am a best selling New York Times author..." you can be assured that the person you are writing that to will visit your site. As a matter of fact, I think I will now begin all of my conversations that way, even though it is not true. In your case it is and I was delighted to find this blog. Good stories, good writing and maybe I will call you for my 30 minute interview. But either way I will be bookmarking your site. And I love the things you say about your wife and kids. A mix of humor, sentiment and honesty is never a bad thing.