Friday, July 18, 2008

Pennies to Dollars (cont.)

I am searching for heartfelt and inspirational stories about family relationships, stories that share wisdom and teach important moral and life lessons, stories from which children and parents might derive hope, guidance and a smile after reading them.

I am conducting recorded telephone interviews to gather the information necessary to portray your story. Interviews last 30-45 minutes; just send me an email (See “Links” below for my address) requesting an interview appointment.

For those who prefer to write their story rather than participate in an interview, you must submit it via my website. Please visit and click the red corner on the home page just beneath the “Projects” tab.

Stories are not published as submitted or told but rather are used as anecdotes told by me, the narrator, to help illustrate a message about teaching or cherished moments between mothers and daughters.

If this is your first visit to my blog, please read the Frequently Asked Questions posted on March 20, 2008.

Stories about the fun moms and daughters have together, how moms teach daughters what it means to be a woman (putting on makeup, first period, first bra, first boyfriend), help with the challenges of a wedding and marriage, daughters helping mom in a technological world, etc., are all welcome.

NOTE: The deadline to offer a mother-daughter story has been reset to the original deadline of August 1st.

Now on to today’s post~

Pennies to Dollars (Part Two)

“Deanne was bursting with excitement during the ride to the mall. Arriving, Francis parked in such a way they had to pass through a large department store before getting to the store that was their desired destination. Coincidentally, their route required them to pass through the girls department where Deanne couldn’t help but notice all the cute outfits on the racks. She stopped to try some of them on and found that she loved everything she put her hands on.

Soon Francis put the clothing back on the racks and told Deanne it was time to make their way to the other store to buy the jeans. While leaving the department store and walking into the mall Deanne couldn’t stop thinking about all the clothes she had just tried on.

They found the jeans in the right size and Deanne ran into a dressing room. As she stood in the mirror looking at herself in the very jeans she had worked so hard for, she realized she would be able to buy ALL of those other clothes for what she was about to spend on the one pair of jeans she was wearing at that moment.

She and her mother left the mall that day with several bags of pretty new outfits in tow.

Deanne remembered that day standing in the mirror wearing those expensive designer jeans as she urged her own young daughter to drop the change she had earned keeping her room clean into the pink piggy bank that sat on her dresser. ‘Why can’t I keep it?’ Hannah asked, unwilling to let go.

‘Because you always pay your bills first, put some in savings second, and only then is the rest of the money yours to spend as you wish,’ Deanna said.

Deanna never regretted not buying that pair of jeans that day. She smiled when she heard Hannah’s coins jingled in the bottom of the piggy bank, knowing that one day she too would teach her children the value of a dollar.”

Do you have a heartwarming mother-daughter story to tell? A glimpse into an important teaching moment between you and mom or daughter? A confirmation of love? Just a wonderful moment you’ll never forget? If yes, please let me know!

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