Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Special Love

I am searching for heartfelt and inspirational stories about family relationships, stories that share wisdom and teach important moral and life lessons, stories from which children and parents might derive hope, guidance and a smile after reading them.

I am conducting recorded telephone interviews to gather the information necessary to portray your story. Interviews last 30-45 minutes; just send me an email (See “Links” below for my address) requesting an interview appointment.

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Stories are not published as submitted or told but rather are used as anecdotes told by me, the narrator, to help illustrate a message about teaching or cherished moments between mothers and daughters.

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Stories about the fun moms and daughters have together, how moms teach daughters what it means to be a woman (putting on makeup, first period, first bra, first boyfriend), help with the challenges of a wedding and marriage, daughters helping mom in a technological world, etc., are all welcome.

NOTE: The deadline to offer a mother-daughter story has been reset to the original deadline of August 1st.

Now on to today’s post~

I’m on vacation, Martha thought, wondering why in the world she was up just past six o’clock in the morning. But there she was scampering down the sidewalk, her nearly five year old daughter pulling hard, leading her forward by the hand.

“We’re almost there Mommy,” Ashley said with excitement, pulling her mom along a little faster now. “We’re almost to Special Love.”

Martha held her daughter’s hand tight and kept her other one on the new baby growing inside her, trying to make sure she didn’t bounce the next daughter around too much. They were making their way to the neighborhood coffee shop Ashley had spotted a few days before. Yes, it was early and she was on a well deserved vacation, but there were only a few mornings left for her first child to be an only child and the sole recipient of all mom’s attention and affection.

Both knew their one-on-one years were coming to an end; they had discussed it just last night before bath time, when Ashley tried to hear her little sister’s heartbeat before using finger paints to decorate mommy’s full belly. Not to mention all those times Ashley saw her mom working in the new nursery or stealing moments from rest to write another chapter in her book. Both understood change was near.

That was why during the evening before when eating lobster and steamed corn on the cob at the fisherman’s pier Martha hadn’t fussed about the butter and juices of the sea running down her child’s cheeks and arms, and why they had stayed on the pier until sundown watching fishing boats come in and thinking of names for the starfish they had spied sleeping on a buoy. That was why she had crawled out of bed so early on the last day of her vacation to run to a coffee shop, on a morning when instinct told her to sleep late while she could, before the baby came.

The morning sun rose above the trees to greet the pair and while daughter kept pulling with thoughts only of pastries and chocolate milk mom admired the quaint little clapboard houses with burgeoning window boxes and white picket fences and wondered how much longer her first child would hold hands with her in public. Ashley was growing up so fast. Be in the moment, she reminded herself, enjoy the simple pleasure of this moment.

“We’re here, Mommy, we’re at Special Love,” Ashley announced with great enthusiasm.

Looking up at the sign over the door and seeing it read “Espresso Love,” Martha smiled and didn’t dare correct her daughter’s mistake; it was one other simple indulgence she could afford her. After all, in that moment, there was indeed Special Love.

Do you have a heartwarming mother-daughter story to tell? A glimpse into an important teaching moment between you and mom or daughter? A confirmation of love? Just a wonderful moment you’ll never forget? If yes, please let me know!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!

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