Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trees: A Synopsis

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Now on to today’s post~

I’ve finally gotten TREES ready to send out to publishers, thanks in large part to the help of my sweet neighbors/critical readers Heather and Deanne, and the lovely wife Jill. With their input I’ve developed a few characters, filled in some gaps, increased some drama, and added an additional 6,000 words. Now I’m working on improving the pitch letter, which in its current form is as follows:

Love is ecstasy, but love is painful. Love is bold as thunder, and delicate as rain. Love in any manifestation is but the unique song each lover sings in his own heart while he waits for that special person who will understand his voice.

Kyle Montgomery, a young attorney living in Atlanta, and Nicole Fischer, his girlfriend, both hindered in their quest for love by the scars of their pasts, struggle to keep their cobbled together relationship from falling apart.

At a time when the tenuous bond they share is most vulnerable, Kyle’s former fiancĂ©e Shawna suddenly reappears and fuels the anger and self-doubt that has driven Kyle since their breakup. When faced with keeping promises to Nicole or proving to all that he is a more capable lawyer than he is given credit for, Kyle comes home to tell Nicole that he cannot go with her to visit her grandmother during a long holiday weekend.

The fact that he must face Shawna as opposing council raises Nicole’s suspicions and Kyle’s mother’s hopes that her son will return to his former lover.

Nicole, a woman tough as nails on the outside but lost and fearful within, keeps Kyle at a safe emotional and physical distance. Haunted by the harsh lessons of her deceased, embittered mother who never recovered from a failed love, Nicole sees herself fulfilling the tradition of her mother and grandmother, fiercely guarding her heart and living according to her own terms, never compromising herself in the name of love.

Traveling alone to visit her grandmother, Nicole begins to learn a lesson or two about overcoming the obstacles life throws in one’s way, finding hope and offering forgiveness, and falling in love for all the right reasons.

Trees is a southern tale set in an old inn in the Appalachian foothills of western North Carolina. It unfolds against a back story of the grandmother’s role in founding the Joyce Kilmer National Forest, and a few secrets she has kept, one secret so powerful that when it is finally told, Kyle and Nicole’s lives are forever changed.

Trees is the quintessential love story about a lasting bond and a lover’s promise that even death cannot put asunder.

If you have thoughts on the above, please share them!

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