Monday, November 03, 2008

Best of 2007, Part II

Meagan and I were sharing some daddy-daughter time on the couch the other night watching one of her programs when I turned to her and said, “I can’t believe you will be leaving for college in just over a year.”
“I know,” she said, then added, “I’m scared.”
“Why would you be scared?”
“I’m such a baby.”
“And whose fault is that?”
That was when she reached out and smacked me on the back of the head. “What were you thinking?” she asked.
I wonder myself sometimes.

I took Meagan to school yesterday, the first time since she got her car and license 13 months ago. Nothing has changed: she was still late for the time of departure; ate breakfast in the car, leaving crumbs everywhere; insisted on listening to her music instead of my talk radio; put on her makeup during most of the ride, leaving smudges on the mirrored visor; snapped at me a few times because apparently I was “asking too many questions”; and warned me to behave myself as I pulled onto the campus parking lot. Then she said “I love you” and kissed me as she got out of the car. Thankfully, nothing has changed.

Linley had a minor medical emergency that required a visit to the ER. During the check-in process she was asked if she had any allergies. She does, to horse and cat hair. They actually put that info on a wrist band and made her wear it. Whew, I was reassured then they would not accidentally bring a horse into the room! As we were led into the only available room we discovered it was a psychiatric emergency room, one with almost nothing on the walls, restraints on the bed, a locking door that could not be opened from inside the room, and a surveillance camera. As she sat on the bed and looked out into the ER she asked me why everyone stared at her. It was field day at school that day and the kids wear weird outfits; today she looked like a homeless Pippi Longstockings. Soon we learned she needed to have blood drawn and she hates needles, so I tried to distract her by restraining myself to the bed. Just then the fire alarm went off – no not really but for a moment I imagined this as a scene on Seinfeld – me trying to run from the room with a bed attached to my leg.

Jill asked me to go to Moe’s Southwest Grill to pick up a meal she could take to work the next day. She wanted a Naked Home Wrecker to go (a burrito in a bowl instead of the wrap). I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

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