Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I’ve committed myself to an in-depth study of the Bible in 2009. These are my thoughts about what I read, as well as candid observations about myself and those who are traveling with me on this journey to become closer to God.

Today’s note will be short: I made three trips to the orthodontist with Linley (she looks so beautiful without braces!) and one to the groomer with the mutt (although as one of God’s creatures I think I’m supposed to love her; I said this journey was going to be a challenge) yesterday so had limited time to write, although I did get a lot of reading done in the waiting room.

BTW, I’m reading from front to back a NIV Study Bible which Meagan gave me for Christmas; I’ve just finished Genesis. At the same time I’m reading a NIV One Year Bible, which is really a daily devotional; I get a dose of the Old and New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs each day. Finally, I’m also reading the Bible for Blockheads, a brief and contemporary explanation of each book in the Bible and how they relate to each other. I’m immersed in it, I think.

As I read, I’m discussing issues with both Meagan and Linley, who, through their enrollment in Christian schools, have been students of the Bible since Kindergarten. They are quick to answer my questions and seem to enjoy being able to teach me something more important than how to use iTunes or Facebook. I believe we are going to be drawn even closer together as a result of my journey (one of God’s promises, is it not?).

A passage I underlined yesterday was Matthew 5:16 : “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” It reminded me of a request I have included in my prayer during the last few months, a request our Pastor (he prefers to be called a Teacher) encouraged us to make. It is to invite God to do something so significant through my life that it be doomed to failure unless he be in it.

Where I’m going is here – I had written 15 books over a period of only five years before I thought to give praise and thanks to God in my Acknowledgement section. I thanked everybody else in writing, but not God. Although I included faith messages in all my books until then, I never explicitly pointed out that I was a believer and had God to thank for my accomplishments. The sad truth is that I was not seeking to claim the credit as my own, but rather I was embarrassed to make a frank and open profession of faith. How embarrassing, I now think, that I would have been embarrassed by such a thing.

I did finally offer praise to God in books 16 & 17, and in those that followed I included more obvious references to Christian beliefs. But I also still sat on the fence, wanting to be regarded as a believer, but at the same time not wanting to declare myself too loudly as one. You see, I knew that once I did, more would be expected of me, and I didn’t want to live up to those expectations.

The funny thing is, though, that now that I’m on this journey, I won’t consider publishing another book that doesn’t first and foremost give credit to God, for it truly is HIS book!

And even more funny, now that I’ve opened my mouth, is that I am holding myself to a standard higher that anyone else I know; I want to exceed my brothers’ and neighbors’ expectations. I want to be pleasing God.

Yes, I want to do something so significant with my life that it be doomed to failure unless HE be in it.

Not so short a post today after all, I see. But you weren’t in a hurry either, were you.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Now go out and hug somebody!


Anonymous said...

Stay Immersed, I find that we receive such wonderful rewards daily from Bible reading and living in the Way.

Ginny said...

Your Pastor/Teacher has a lot of wisdom! Pressing toward something you can't do on your own...others will be blessed beyond measure...and so will you! As Ghost said..."Stay Immersed". Be blessed...abundantly!