Monday, June 01, 2009

For Ginny

This is an account of my efforts to put into action what I learn while reading the Bible, an account of my journey to become closer to God.

I like to share Ginny’s comments now and then because she always has a nice way of putting things in perspective. I received this from her the other day:

“One of the fascinating things about "Living the Word" is that we never, ever stop learning and growing. We never arrive at the place where we are perfect and have it all down. Some might find that a frustrating idea, but instead it keeps us in a constant state of openness and dependence on Him. The path towards "Christ likeness" is vibrant, challenging, costly and rewarding. We never run out of lessons!”

As always, thanks, Ginny, for you ongoing support!

Whew! Sunday was a long day. Jill and I took Linley to her summer camp. It is way up in the backwoods of VA, a fourteen hour roundtrip. As usual, Jill, my navigator, was asleep for well over half the trip. Next, we help Meagan move into her first apartment on Tuesday, and thereafter Jill and I are alone in the house for seven weeks. I’m looking forward to it! We love the girls more than anything else, but it sure is going to be nice to have so much private time together.

I just finished a story that will go on tomorrow and wanted to share a portion of it with you. I interviewed the Director of Development:

Greg: I’m thinking of the great stories in the Bible about serving and helping others in the way that Jesus did, but I can’t think of a single story about giving money. Can you?

Jon: I love 2 Corinthians 8 where Paul is talking about giving and the generosity of the Macedonians who gave well beyond their ability. Paul suggested that perhaps they shouldn’t give so much, that they should keep something for themselves for their own support. And the Macedonians responded, “Don’t rob us of our blessing.”

Greg: We really can find joy in giving, can’t we?

Jon: The true joy of generosity is knowing that you are blessing somebody, often in ways that you can’t even imagine. When you make sacrifices for someone else and you do it with the right heart, not for recognition or praise, you begin to understand how God blesses us so that we may bless others. When you share the fruit, you bring glory to God.

I’m telling you this as a lead in to an interesting thing that happened on our way home from VA. We passed two hitchhikers alongside the road; one was wearing a sign that read “We’ve lost everything but our Faith.” My first reaction was to think of the guys who wait at the exit ramps here in Atlanta pretending to be handicapped and homeless but are neither (busted by a hidden camera and investigative reporter). We did not stop to pick them up; it is far from safe to do so. And I wondered if it really was true that they’d lost everything.

Moments later I pulled into a gas station to gas up. While I was pumping, I saw the couple walking into the lot. I expected them to begin asking me and the others at the pumps for money. I wondered how I was going to respond.

To my surprise, they passed right by me and sat down in the shade to rest. It was then when I felt tested, and I knew what to do. I went over to them and asked if I could buy them a meal.

They thanked me graciously, but said “no.” I offered again, and again I was refused.

I don’t know why they refused, but I couldn’t help but wonder if God had denied me the joy of giving because giving wasn’t the first thought on my mind when I saw them alongside the road. Man, living the word can cause one a bit of consternation. I’m glad I have Ginny praying for me!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and please pray for me and my family. Now go out and hug somebody!

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Ginny said...

I have to say the title of this post took me by surprise! I certainly didn't see that coming. Please know it is a joy to pray for you and to give thanks for you. Service for the Lord can be filled with turns, stops and starts, as well as surprises along the way. That which can seem a perfect opportunity for service for another may well end up as a perfect lesson for us. Amazing!