Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This is an account of my efforts to put into action what I learn while reading the Bible, an account of my journey to become closer to God.

I’ve been honored recently to begin writing periodically for the church bulletin. My mission is to retell, in a shorter version, some of the stories I’ve written for the blog I write for our Community Outreach ministry. The goal is to motivate our congregation to follow the blog for the ultimate goal of motivating someone to become involved with a ministry. Here’s my first writing for the bulletin, an introduction to the blog:

Perimeter Church began with a desire to see God do an unusual work in the city of Atlanta. Its vision is to see the entire city brought into an encounter with the Kingdom of God. We believe that to be a successful and Christ-centric church we must demonstrate our faith in both Word and Deed.

It is through our great theology and great worship that we celebrate the Word. Hearing the Word is often all that it takes to move a non-believer toward a relationship with Christ. As well, many Believers become more committed in their faith as they absorb the lessons given by our teachers, and as they too spread the Word among their family and friends.

But then some of us are natural born doubters. We must see to believe.

That is where Deed comes in. For the doubter, it is in the doing, even the witnessing of others doing the work Jesus called us to do, that one begins to understand, embrace, and emulate the many examples of mercy and caring given to us by our Lord.

And that is where Touched by Service, the new Community Outreach blog, follows close behind Deed. Touched by Service features inspirational stories about the work of our many ministries and our ministry partners. These stories tell of the mission and work performed by each ministry, of the passion and motivation of the people who serve, and of the smiles of gratitude that come to the faces of the people in need who are somehow served by the ministry and its volunteers.

As Christ followers, we believe that reaching out to our community where we live, work and play is a way of life. Loving people the way Jesus loves people means serving them and pointing them to the One who can meet all their needs. Touched by Service is both our venue for sharing these heartwarming God stories, and enticing you to become involved with a ministry if you haven’t already given your heart to one.

We hope that for some, reading will be as effective as seeing.

Please visit this blog often to read true stories of how God has used members of Perimeter Church and others in our community to help grow His kingdom.

So what do you think?

OK, on my way to UGA to move Megan in her apartment.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and please pray for me and my family. Now go out and hug somebody!

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