Thursday, July 16, 2009

Between Barely Living and Nearly Dead

And that’s just about how we all feel in my household. Linley came home from camp a week early with a bad bug, and within 24 hours Jill and I got it. No energy, can’t eat, and worse, nothing good to watch on television (our cable box blew up in a storm and I haven’t had the strength to pull the cabinet away from the wall to remove it). I haven’t even written a word this week until now.

But I have been busy doing service, although a bit slower than usual. Jill and I are sponsoring a book bag/school supply drive in our neighborhood for the children in Atlanta’s homeless shelters (school resumes in just two weeks!), I’m talking with potential sponsors for the Good Samaritan Annual Banquet, and have spent time with Cameron, albeit at a safe distance.

I’ve also spent a little time each day helping our new neighbors from Vietnam. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to get anything done without a social security number. Even though they are here on Visas it has been nearly impossible to get utilities turned on in their new home. Can you imagine taking a cold shower every morning for two weeks? But we cleared that hurdle this morning so hopefully their gas will be turned on very soon.

It’s been a little comical, helping the Ngo family, I must say. Try explaining central air cooling and thermostats to someone who speaks broken English, or lawn sprinklers and water restrictions, or chirping smoke detectors in need of new batteries, or automatic ice makers. But they keep smiling and saying thank you with such appreciation that I’m sure I’ll be over their again one balmy morning to tell them again, “No you don’t turn it off, you just raise the temperature….”

Assuming we survive our medical condition, we are all going to the beach next week. If we have Wi-Fi in the condo I’ll write to tell you about the trip. If not, then I’ll chat with you again on the 27th!

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Ginny said...

So sorry to hear that you are all under the weather, but glad to hear you have a vacation in your future! Rest...Enjoy!