Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Catching My Breath

And that's just what I'm doing, catching my breath. I've been blessed with two new book contracts but both manuscripts are due in six weeks (and we're on vacation for ten of those days) so I've been writing and photogin' like crazy, and then there was the annual 4th celebration in our park (Jill, Meagan and I shown above in between BBQ and peach cobbler, we think sixty people attended but who's counting), Cameron is bored to death on summer break so he's keeping me busy at least twice a week, our new neighbors moved here from Spain and are needing a little handholding figurin' out the American way, AND I have a photo show opening this coming Friday and I'm not finished framing all the prints. On the one hand I see too much to do, but on the other, I remember that throughout it all I'm burning calories! Stay tuned, journey updates coming soon (yep, still readin the Good Book and doing the Work).

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Ginny said...

Bless your heart!