Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Easy and Breezy

This is an account of my efforts to put into action what I learn while reading the Bible, an account of my journey to become closer to God.

OK, just finished reading Book II of Psalm last night, on to Book III later today. I’ve been surprised to see the range of emotion in Psalm; before now I’ve only know the verses as gentle praise poems but now I see they are so much more. My mind isn’t sharp enough to allow me to remember any more than Psalm 23, but at least I’ve dog-eared a number of pages in my Bible I can scan back over in case I need something else to suit an occasion.

Speaking of memorizing verses, I joined a men’s discipleship group Monday night and agreed to meet with seven other guys every Monday evening for two hours to talk about God. We are using a three (3!) year curriculum that was developed by our Lead Pastor. It requires homework, which includes memorizing a new verse each week. I’m hoping for a B in this class.

Cameron and I are going to a half-day retreat this coming Saturday. We are meeting all the other mentoring relationships in our church at a ropes course and will spend the day hanging upside down from a rappelling rope with our legs and delicates all cinched up and slowly dying from the lack of blood circulation. Should be lots of fun. Now that school is in session again I won’t be seeing him as much so we’ll just have to have quality time when we are together. To me that means more talking, to him it means more fried chicken and louder movies. Such is the man-boy relationship paradigm.

Almost finished with my two new books; the daughter book has been turned in and content for the son book has been completed and I have only three more photos to go. I hope to have those scheduled later today. Whew! It has been a whirlwind finding new families to pose, schedule the photos and get them to the publisher on time! But as always, God provides.

Speaking of books, I’ve been keeping a little secret. I’ve actually been working on three new manuscripts. I’ve completed my first distinctively Christian book and it is now on a desk of a reviewer of the largest Christian literature publisher in the world. At one time I prayed for the success of my new books. This time I’m simply praying that God will inspire me to write a book that someone cannot walk away from, a book that glorifies Him. If the publisher doesn’t want it, I’ll conclude it needs more work, that God wants me to improve the message. I’ll gladly do that work. Success or not, I just want the Father to know that I know that to Him goes all the credit; I am merely His scribe.

Oh my gosh, school is back in session isn’t it. I can tell because we attended the first lacrosse team meeting last night, an activity which immediately seized three afternoons of our weekly schedule, and Linley hasn’t even had a cheerleading meeting yet! It scares Jill that little bit will be driving in five months; I wish it were tomorrow.

I had a great interview with a family that has been generously and faithfully served by a Christian ministry during the last several months. Tune in tomorrow for their story.

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and please pray for me and my family. Now go out and hug somebody!

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